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Discover Your Perfect Shave

Discover Your Perfect Shave

Our quizzes are designed to find sustainable shaves empowered and tailored just for you. Jump into The Razor Match Finder for your dream razor and test your knowledge with the Shaving Myths quiz.

ProductJust Hanging Around

Just Hanging Around

We introduce our long-awaited Shower Holder, a vertical wall-mounting stand for Leaf, Twig and Thorn razors.

ProductHave you met our friend HiBar?

Have you met our friend HiBar?

Are you reading this in the shower? Put your phone down. That's weird. Now, count the number of plastic bottles in there. If it's more than zero, then you might want to keep reading. You might not ...

ProductHow it's made: Vegan Leaf Shave Oil

How it's made: Vegan Leaf Shave Oil

Our shave oil formula took 9 tries to get just right! In this Q and A, you'll get the inside scoop on how our team member took his time crafting our vegan, unscented, non-comedogenic shave oil in-h...

ProductIntroducing Plastic-Free Dermaplaning

Introducing Plastic-Free Dermaplaning

Ready to improve your skincare routine? A beauty routine should not harm the environment, so skip disposable wands and invest in Leaf Shave's 100% plastic-free Dermaplaner. 

LivingPerson dermaplaning their face

What is dermaplaning?

Not sure if dermaplaning at home is for you? Here are the answers to your dermaplaning questions.

ProductSafety Razor next to a triple-blade Leaf Razor

Is there a Leaf Razor alternative?

A common question we see out in the wild is "is there a cheaper alternative to The Leaf razor?"

Company NewsRed oak leaf in the fall

September In Review

See what we're up to! Read about Leaf Shave's exciting September Wrap-Up including 5-star reviews, new product launches, viral Tik Toks and more.

ProductWomen shaving her legs in the bathroom

How to Choose a Safety Razor

Three types of safety razors, and how to figure out which one is right for you!

LivingPhoto of Meggyn stretching on a track by Jen Hofer

Sustainable Skincare is a Journey

My hairless pursuit started at the tender age of 7 when my mom left her disposable plastic razor in the shower from the last leg shave. Not knowing what to do but wanting to feel like a ...

ProductTwo leaf razors with green ferns coming into frame

Is The Leaf Razor Worth It?

If you are able to take a leap with Leaf, the only thing you'll wonder is why you didn't do it sooner.