How it's made: Vegan Leaf Shave Oil

How it's made: Vegan Leaf Shave Oil

Our Leaf Shave Oil was created in-house by team member Billy - who has perfected the oil formula and product packaging. To give you a behind-the-scenes look into making Leaf Shave Oil, we asked Billy some questions about the process of creating shave oil, how he found the best quality ingredients, and made sure eco-friendly materials were used. Keep reading for all of the answers to your questions about the Leaf Shave Oil, from the creator himself.

Q: How would you describe Leaf Shave Oil 

A: Leaf Shave Oil is a mild, non-comedogenic shaving oil that locks in moisture before and after shaving or dermaplaning. It provides vital conditioning and softening of the skin to prevent razor burn, skin irritation, ingrown hairs, and dryness. 

applying shave oil to face

Q: How many ways can you use shave oil? 

A: You can use it as a pre-shave to lock in moisture before shaving, and/or after to leave your skin feeling silky and smooth. It also doubles as a great beard oil, body oil, or for that squeaky hinge on your vanity door! 


Q: What are some things you have learned when creating the Leaf Shave Oil?

A: The most interesting thing I’ve learned is about one of the core ingredients…Jojoba oil. This oil is the closest natural ingredient on our planet to human sebum. It basically mimics your skin's natural oils, so it’s a perfect ingredient to help lubricate your skin.

shave oil open with dropper in hand

Q: What kind of trial and error did you run into when creating the shave oil?

A: Getting the oil formula to where we wanted it took a little bit of experimenting. There are so many oils out there that are healthy for your skin, so it was more a matter of finding the perfect balance that works for virtually every - body. One goal was to produce an oil with minimal ingredients that won’t clog pores. Some oils claim to be non-comedogenic, but users may still report breakouts with oils like Coconut or Apricot oil. I made a couple of ingredient changes and voila, no complaints.


Q: What obstacles did you have to overcome when looking for packaging?

A: The biggest problem I encountered was trying to find a plastic-free bottle that has a dropper. The bottle is the easy part since glass cosmetic containers are very popular. But, dropper caps that don’t contain any plastic are virtually non-existent. Ever see a ‘wood’ bottle cap? It’s probably a thin wood veneer glued over a plastic cap….no thanks. Our glass bottle uses a 100% wood cap paired with a glass pipette and silicone bulb for a perfect sustainable option as your first Shave Oil purchase. We made the refill bottle equipped with a metal cap for less waste - simply keep your dropper from your first purchase to use with your refill bottle of oil. 

shave oil refill gif

Q: How many formulas of shave oil did you make until you found the perfect one?

A: Our current formula is magic number 9! 

Q: What makes you think you got the oil formula perfect/just right?

A: I love it, our Leaf Team loves it, and our collaborators and customers now love it. We used real feedback from our team and leafy friends and kept working on it to make the shave oil formula the best it can be. I’ve used plenty of beard oils in the past, but never an oil while shaving. I couldn’t believe how smooth the shave was, how my skin felt after, and more importantly how clear my skin was the next couple of days after shaving since I’m prone to ingrown hairs. I’m never shaving without oil again!  The proof is in the pudding as they say…or in the oil? 


Whether you’re using Shave Oil to hydrate rough and bumpy skin, as beard oil, or adding it to your shave or dermaplaning routine, you can be confident knowing we took our time crafting oil that will soothe your skin and won't clog your pores. Shave oil pairs wonderfully with our Shave Soap Bar - to use them together, first wet the skin and hair, and apply as much shave oil as desired directly to the skin before lathering and applying shave soap. Your razor will glide along your skin like never before! After shaving, apply a few drops of oil to the skin to seal in hydration to allow your skin to look and feel softer all day long. The shave oil and dermaplaning combo really takes your skin to a whole new level. Before you dermaplane, take a few drops of the oil and rub it into clean skin for the best possible hydration and glide. After dermaplaning your skin is exfoliated and needs a moisture boost - simply press a few drops into your skin.
Learn more about our Dermaplaner.

shave oil with dermaplaner

Want to see what folks are saying about Shave Oil before you try it out?
Take a peek at the shave oil reviews at the bottom of the page before you shop. Remember, after your first purchase of shave oil with the dropper, go for the refill cap for all following restocks to eliminate waste.

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