Just Hanging Around

Just Hanging Around

If your shaving routine involves a luxurious three hour shave surrounded by the gentle glow of a wood-wick candle as you reflect on life's choices in front of your mirror (maybe with a glass of brandy or other fun beverage), I absolutely admire and support your dedication to self-care. But if that doesn't resemble your routine in the slightest, please know that I still embrace you wholeheartedly.

We took a poll last year and discovered six out of every ten Leaf Shave customers shaved in the shower. These razors lived in the shower round-the-clock, and they managed the wet-and-wild slip-and-slide acrobatic exercise while shaving everywhere, head to toe.

So what's a razor company to do? We needed to meet shavers where they were at, so we set out to develop the best dang leafy shower holder possible.

But our design process had certain limitations:

  1. It needed to be cross-compatible between the Leaf, Twig and Thorn razors in one unit.
  2. It needed to be easy to pick up and place a razor but also hold them well enough against a casual brushing in a busy shower.
  3. It needed to cushion the razor without scratching it. Let's not make more problems than we solve.
  4. It needed to adhere to the wall without ever worrying about it falling. It holds a beautiful, expensive tool that deserves the respect a suction cup can't provide, after all.
  5. It should work on the widest variety of surfaces possible so that a wide array of users can enjoy it.

Did we meet the design criteria?

Those design guidelines were simple enough to articulate, so we got to work. Enter: Shower Holder, our first vertical razor stand. How did we do?


Meet Shower Holder.

✔ A clever hook design that works with The Leaf, The Twig and The Thorn razor

✔ It's easy to put in and take out but holds them steady nonetheless

✔ A silicone cap on the hook protects the surface finish of your razors

✔ A bulletproof adhesive on the back rated to hold more than 20 times the weight of the razor, so it's not going anywhere.

✔ It'll work on any surface you mount it to (essentially).

Should you keep your razor in the shower?

Sure! Just like with anything that you'd like to keep in good condition for a long time, one must take care of their tools. There is little doubt that water will shorten the life of a shaving blade, regardless of the brand of blade or configuration of razor. That is likely to be the only thing you sacrifice by keeping your razor in the shower.

The thing of it is—people will keep them in the shower regardless. From our perspective, it is then more important to make sure your razor is well-cared for in there rather than fighting to keep it out of the shower.

So how does one make sure their razor is cared for while still being kept in the shower?

  • Keep it as dry as possible (for the sake of the blades' life). That means getting your razor out of the puddles...and mounting your Shower Holder up and out of the way of constantly-running water. 
  • Clean your razor periodically. Take an old toothbrush and a dab of dish soap, and scrub and bubble it all up in and out of all the nooks and crannies. Do this once a month or once every few months, as needed.
  • Replace your blades when needed. Shaving blades may start to oxidize, or form rust, when left wet for long periods of time. This is normal and nothing to fear. You may take this as a sign that it's about time to change your blades.

It's not too complicated, so don't over complicate it! Enjoy your shave, wherever you are. And grab a Shower Holder today.

What is the eco-adhesive version?

You may have seen us talk a little bit about our journey in developing an alternative adhesive for Shower Holder. 

We've developed a formulation for an all-natural, plastic-free, petroleum-free, and reusable adhesive. Its first application, that we are currently testing, is for mounting Shower Holder. 

We are currently in a public beta-testing phase for this adhesive. Two hundred units were made available at launch, and that is all of the units that we will make while we undergo a 6 month field test in the hands of regular users like yourself. If you missed the initial drop of these units, I'm so sorry. But if you are part of our user testing group, you have our gratitude! Thank you for participating and helping us in our leafy development.

Initial testing over the past 18 months have been positive overall while unveiling some shortcomings that we continue to invest research, development costs, and time investigating. We are at a point now where we want a wider dataset with more varied users and conditions. Thus, the limited release to a larger group of folks. This is what that looks like:

We will be monitoring initial installation performance, as well as mid-term performance at 3 and 6 month marks. The adhesive is heat-activated (using for example a hair dryer as a heat source), and thus, it's interesting to measure performance in shower conditions where things do tend to get hot and steamy. 

Will we ever make more of the eco-adhesive version for Shower Holder? Maybe. But not until, and only if, we prove that mid- and long-term performance is at least satisfactory.

What's coming next for Leaf Shave?

Ah, you rascally curious folks. I'm not going to divulge that just yet except to say that, as always, there are some fun things coming. :)

Until then, enjoy your shower shaves. And thanks for being a part of our leafy family.

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