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September In Review

Red oak leaf in the fall

Fall is here!

Just like with a new season, there are new things on our horizon. We like keeping leafy friends like you updated on what’s new. Let's take a walk down memory lane and share what’s happened at Leaf Shave in September. 

Innovation and New Products
  • Dermaplaner: We have been taking everyone along on the journey of the Dermaplaner launch on Instagram— sharing updates on design, packaging, and more. In September, we made substantial progress in production. If you are just as excited about the Leaf Dermaplaner as we are, sign up for the waiting list here. 
  • Shave Oil: We prepped all September for the surprise launch of our Shave Oil - which dropped October 11. This oil is made in-house, unscented, and with hydrating ingredients including vitamin E, rosehip oil, and jojoba oil. If you get dry, bumpy, irritated skin, you’ll need this moisture boost! Shave Oil can be used as a pre-shave or post-shave.

Leaf Shave on TikTok

The Leaf Shave TikTok account is growing - we have over 231K followers! Thanks for following along everyone! If you are not following us on TikTok you should take a peek, there are always new videos being posted with information being shared, questions getting answered, and more. Here's our viral TikTok of the month.

Leaf Shave featured in the Press

Gear Patrol featured us in “The Best Razor for a Clean Comfortable Shave” and named The Leaf Razor “The Best Overall Razor”. The authors tested several top razors in a multitude of categories of razors, including disposable razors and safety razors, by shaving with them a handful of times each. Authors Evan Malachosky and Adam Hurly share that "The Leaf razor can do pretty much whatever you want it to do" calling The Leaf Razor, “a masterclass in product design and eco-consciousness since it allows the shaver to load 1-3 safety razor blades at a time, in order to customize the shave...". 

Recent Customer Reviews 

This 5-star review of the month comes from a face shaver who normally shaves with a double-edge (DE) safety razor but decided to try something new. They picked up a Leaf Razor to see how it compared to their traditional safety razor. From the looks of it, they won’t be going back... 

Here’s what they had to say: “Now, using the Leaf Razor, I’m shocked to find that my face is even smoother than when I use a DE razor, and I still use the same blades I use with my DE razor. I’m very impressed.”

Are you ready to try shaving with Leaf? Take the razor quiz to see which razor is right for you and let us know what you think of it!

Have a lovely start to the season and enjoy many comfortable, leafy shaves. Don’t forget to pick up the new Leaf Shave Oil and sign up for our Dermaplaner waitlist!


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