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Explore all of our reusable and plastic-free shaving and body products available alone, or in kits and bundles.


best seller
The Leaf Razor Collection Image

The Leaf Razor

$67.20  $84

World's first multi-blade pivoting head metal razor.


limited time
Leaf Razor + Stand Collection Image

Leaf Razor + Stand

$76  $95

Holiday Special | Leaf Razor + Stand


Single Edge Razors Collection Image

Single Edge Razors

$39.20  $49

Choose from our single edge razors (Twig & Thorn)
The Razor Set Collection Image

The Razor Set

$102.40  $128

One each of The Leaf and Twig razors.

Kits & Bundles

limited time
Leaf Super Bundle Collection Image

Leaf Super Bundle

$111.20  $139

Our single-best selling Leaf bundle! Dive right in.


The Leaf Kit Collection Image

The Leaf Kit

$90.40  $113

The Leaf razor's starter kit.


The Thorn Bundle Collection Image

The Thorn Bundle

$79.20  $99

The perfect Thorn razor starter kit.
Twig Super Bundle Collection Image

Twig Super Bundle

$79.20  $99

Our favorite sensitive-skin bundle, featuring the single-edge Twig.
The Twig Kit Collection Image

The Twig Kit

$63.20  $79

The Twig razor starter kit.
The Duo Kit Collection Image

The Duo Kit

$140  $175

A Leaf and Twig razor, decked out with accessories.

Just Launched

Shaving has a de-hydration problem, find out why Shave Oil is here to shave the day.

Meet Shave Oil


new arrival
Shave Oil Collection Image

Shave Oil

$17.60  $22

Enhance your experience


50-Blade Pack Collection Image

50-Blade Pack

$9.60  $12

Single-edge blades, fits all our razors.
best seller
Shave Soap Bar Collection Image

Shave Soap Bar

$7.20  $9

A vegan, unscented, uncolored shave soap.
Leaf Case Collection Image

Leaf Case

$20  $25

Custom case, protect your Leaf razor.


Single Edge Case Collection Image

Single Edge Case

$20  $25

Case for our Single Edge razors Twig and Thorn


Blade Recycling Tin Collection Image

Blade Recycling Tin

$3.20  $4

Store used blades, recycle when full.
The Leaf Grip Sleeve Collection Image

The Leaf Grip Sleeve

$4  $5

Enhance your grip for The Leaf razor.


The Leaf Stand Collection Image

The Leaf Stand

$19.20  $24

Stand up your Leaf razor.


Single Edge Stand Collection Image

Single Edge Stand

$12.80  $16

Stand for our Single Edge razors Twig and Thorn


Leaf Shave Gift Card Collection Image

Leaf Shave Gift Card


Give the gift of a plastic-free shave.

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