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How it's made: Vegan Leaf Shave Oil

How it's made: Vegan Leaf Shave Oil

Our shave oil formula took 9 tries to get just right! In this Q and A, you'll get the inside scoop on how our team member took his time crafting our vegan, unscented, non-comedogenic shave oil in-h...

ProductIntroducing Plastic-Free Dermaplaning

Introducing Plastic-Free Dermaplaning

Ready to improve your skincare routine? A beauty routine should not harm the environment, so skip disposable wands and invest in Leaf Shave's 100% plastic-free Dermaplaner. 

LivingPerson dermaplaning their face

What is dermaplaning?

Not sure if dermaplaning at home is for you? Here are the answers to your dermaplaning questions.

EnvironmentHawaiian beach, rocky, with people picking up trash

A Day of Cleaning the Beach

Since I joined Leaf a few years ago, I've appreciated and supported our plastic-free, zero-waste ethos. I have known for a long time that reducing plastic use is the right thing to do, but a recent...

Month In ReviewGlass bottle of leaf shave oil, on a marble table, with dropper above it

Leafy October News

October was filled with exciting activity including the launch of Shave Oil and a very anticipated Prism restock. Jump in to read our top review, favorite press mention, and video feature we loved ...