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Understanding Skincare Basics

Understanding Skincare Basics

Discover and embrace skincare as self-care for healthy, radiant skin and overall well-being with Leaf Shave!

LivingCan I Shave Down There?

Can I Shave Down There?

it’s important to approach your more delicate areas with care. Discover our tips for achieving irresistibly smooth skin in this article.

ProductDiscover Your Perfect Shave

Discover Your Perfect Shave

Our quizzes are designed to find sustainable shaves empowered and tailored just for you. Jump into The Razor Match Finder for your dream razor and test your knowledge with the Shaving Myths quiz.

EnvironmentFive Plastic-Free Brands Worth Trying

Five Plastic-Free Brands Worth Trying

Your razor isn't the only sustainable swap worth making... check out this list of five plastic-free brands offering sustainable products for your next plastic-free swap.

Summer Charcuterie Board

Summer Charcuterie Board

We’ve been hungry for more things Fig, so we’ve decided to bring a quick, easy, shareable charcuterie board that includes both sweet and savory treats to the Greenhouse!

ScienceOne Size Does Not Fit All (It Turns Out)

One Size Does Not Fit All (It Turns Out)

Your experience shaving may be completely different than someone else's experience even with the same razor. What causes these different experiences?

ScienceFig — Special Edition Finish

Fig — Special Edition Finish

Welcoming a new Special Edition finish to the lineup, and a little background on why this is such a special time...

ProductJust Hanging Around

Just Hanging Around

We introduce our long-awaited Shower Holder, a vertical wall-mounting stand for Leaf, Twig and Thorn razors.

ProductHave you met our friend HiBar?

Have you met our friend HiBar?

Are you reading this in the shower? Put your phone down. That's weird. Now, count the number of plastic bottles in there. If it's more than zero, then you might want to keep reading. You might not ...

Earth DayHumpback whale breaching in the ocean

Protect Whales, Protect the Planet

A conversation with Pacific Whale Foundation about the crucial roles whales play in maintaining the health of our oceans.

ScienceWomen dermaplaning her face with a rose gold tool

What is Dermaplaning For?

There are many reasons someone might seek out dermaplaning tools or procedures...

Three blue razors set against a blue background

A very berry Earth Month

We love celebrating Earth Month with a special edition finish and some good old fashion non-profit support...

ProductHow it's made: Vegan Leaf Shave Oil

How it's made: Vegan Leaf Shave Oil

Our shave oil formula took 9 tries to get just right! In this Q and A, you'll get the inside scoop on how our team member took his time crafting our vegan, unscented, non-comedogenic shave oil in-h...