let us show you how we do it.


We're here to shake things up.

Hi, we're Leaf... just a dedicated team with an idea for a better way to shave. In an industry full of misleading marketing, me-too products and little true innovation, Leaf is the seed of transparency and we're pulling back the curtain.

Stop renting. Own your shave.

Take back control. We've invented a new razor and we want it to be the last one that you buy.

Leaf Razor
  • Let's do something crazy

    "Free Shave Club has a nice ring to it, right? We're building a new model in shaving that includes our unbeatable blade-reward program.

  • This shave, it's great

    Blades spaced to reduce tugging. Choose to load 1, 2 or 3 blades with our unique tapered exposure for comfort. Get the close, comfortable shave you expect.

  • This razor is not plastic

    Disposable plastic is wasteful. This razor is not wasteful. So we designed Leaf to be 100% metal. It's a work of art, for your bathroom.

  • A razor with a cause

    Our approach to blades eliminates disposable plastic cartridges and significantly reduces packaging waste. Plus, when you buy a razor we'll plant a tree. You're welcome, Mother Earth.

Old school blades into a modern shave

The Leaf Razor is unlike anything else. We let you load 1, 2 or 3 blades individually. This allows you to customize the razor to fit your skin and hair. Also, it dramatically reduces the waste from disposable plastics and packaging commonly found in other razor cartridges. The blades are safe and easy to handle, and give an amazing shave!