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Unique technology, all developed in-house, for closer more comfortable shaves.


All-metal handles, stainless steel refills. Put an end to your single-use plastic consumption.

Save Money

Refill your shaving and skincare tools for cents, not dollars.

Dermatologist Tested

Shaving is skincare. All Shave Care products are dermatologist tested and sensitive skin safe.

Together At Last

Offered for the first time ever: Pair a Leaf Shave razor, and a Body Smoosh scrubber.


Every April we support a non-profit doing science backed work on environmental or ecological challenges. This year we're partnering with...


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Bats are vital for pollination, seed dispersal, and pest control contributing to ecosystem health and supporting agricultural productivity.


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Bat populations are vulnerable to a multitude of threats, including naturally slow reproduction, diseases like white-nose syndrome, and human activities such as climate change and habitat destruction.


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We just dropped Ltd. Ed. Fig finish, and we're donating $2 from every Fig razor sold this month to Bat Conservation International in support of conservation, educational and research efforts.



Reference and Images: Courtesy of Bat Conservation International

Proven Results

In a Shave Study, users reported 86% of their shaves with Leaf Razor at their desired closeness, compared with 46% from the group shaving with plastic cartridges.



"A year into my upgrade, my only regret is wishing I would have made the switch sooner."
"The Leaf offers a beautiful, engineered pivoting head that allows you to stack one, two or three edges..."
"Remember how we said that some eco-friendly razors have a bit of a learning curve? Well, this one is the perfect option for anyone switching to a safety razor for the first time."
"Designed to combat plastic waste, this eco-friendly model works with your favorite blade and comes with a long handle for superior control."

The Greenhouse

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2024 Earth Month Non-Profit Partner

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