Shaving Kits For All

Shaving Kits For All

Shaving Kits For All

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Leaf Super Bundle Collection Image

Leaf Super Bundle

$111.20  $139

Our single-best selling Leaf bundle! Dive right in.


The Leaf Kit Collection Image

The Leaf Kit

$90.40  $113

The Leaf razor's starter kit.


The Thorn Bundle Collection Image

The Thorn Bundle

$79.20  $99

The perfect Thorn razor starter kit.
Twig Super Bundle Collection Image

Twig Super Bundle

$79.20  $99

Our favorite sensitive-skin bundle, featuring the single-edge Twig.
The Twig Kit Collection Image

The Twig Kit

$63.20  $79

The Twig razor starter kit.
The Duo Kit Collection Image

The Duo Kit

$140  $175

A Leaf and Twig razor, decked out with accessories.