Dermaplaner Refills

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Load Leaf Dermaplaner with these steel blades and steel blade guards—the perfect zero-waste refill pack for your eco-friendly skin care routine.

The future of skincare is plastic-free, recyclable, and refillable.

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Starter Kit - $59

Dermaplaner, Stand, & Refills

Zero-waste refills

Recycling After Use

Recycle both the single-edge steel blades and the steel blade-guards after use. Simply drop them into the Leaf Recycling Tin. When full, find a local scrap metal recycling facility to drop them off to, or send them back to Leaf to recycle for you.

Visit here for more information on recycling with Leaf.

Steel Blade-Guards

Leaf Shave is at the forefront of innovation in shaving razors...and now in skincare tools! Our unique handle and blade-guard design (patents pending) turn standard safety razor blades into dermaplaning blades for safe at-home use.

Flip the head open, install a scalloped blade-guard, and insert a fresh blade.

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