Single Edge Leaf Twig or Thorn Razors

Shop for The Twig or The Thorn razor, our mild and medium aggressive single-edge face shaving razors, accessories and recommended products.

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A Leaf Shave brand Single-Edge razor in the finish called BlackPerson shaving their scruffy face with a Leaf single-edge razor.
Single Edge Razors Sale price$59.00
Save $12.00
Single Edge KitSingle Edge Kit
Single Edge Kit Sale price$79.00 Regular price$91.00
Save $16.00
Single Edge Super BundleSingle Edge Super Bundle
Single Edge Super Bundle Sale price$109.00 Regular price$125.00
Save $24.00
Everything Bundle for single-edge razor in chrome finishEverything Bundle for single-edge razor in rose gold finish
Single-Edge Everything Bundle Sale price$139.00 Regular price$163.00
Shower HolderShower Holder
Shower Holder Sale price$19.00
Single Edge StandLeaf single-edge razor stand with razor ontop of it finish is chrome.
Single Edge Stand Sale price$16.00
Silver case for the single-edge razors, open with a chrome razor laying inside, on a white background.Silver case for the single-edge razors, closed, on a white background.
Single Edge Case Sale price$25.00