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Single Edge Razors

Sale price$59.00

Eco-friendly single edge razors. Find your ridiculously comfy single-edge shave. Plastic-free, of course. Twig for lighter hair, gentler shaves; and Thorn for thicker / coarser hair.

Version: Twig
Color: Black
In Stock - Ships Fast from Connecticut

We’re designing the future of shaving, and that future is plastic-free, recyclable and refillable.

Found in these Bundles

Starter Kit - $79

Single edge razor, stand, 50-blade pack and recycling tin ($91 value)

Super Bundle - $109

Single edge razor, stand, 50-blade pack, recycling tin, shave soap and travel case ($125 value)

Razor Set - $128

Pair both of our razors for the ultimate shave, or the discerning couple ($143 value)

Plastic-free & recyclable

Billions of plastic razors end up in landfill and oceans each year. Make the switch to Leaf and refill your razor with stainless steel blades (no plastic-housing needed!) and never toss a cartridge again.

You will save $ over time

If you’ve ever spend $20 on a pack of 5 cartridges you’ll realize how quickly shaving with Leaf will return the investment to you. Our refills start at $0.19 cents each, and you are not locked into using Leaf blades.

Intuitive to use

You don’t need a PhD in wet shaving to use these razors. We’ve back weighted the handle to give you more control at the point of shave and engineered in a more “cartridge-like” angle so that the experience is seamless.

No-fear loading

Twist the bottom and the head rises up for refilling. An embedded magnet in the head grabs the blade as you place it in the tray. Handling safety razor blades can be scary if you’ve never done it, so we designed our single edge razors to make this easy and safe.

Small package, big results

The Twig and Thorn razors have a head less than half the size of a standard double-edge razor. This means you can fit in tight places easily, maintain maximum visibility for precision shaving, and confidently shave in concave areas (because there is only a single shaving edge exposed).