Introducing Plastic-Free Dermaplaning

Introducing Plastic-Free Dermaplaning

The purpose of dermaplaning is to remove peach-fuzz and exfoliate the skin to reveal brighter, smoother skin. Dermaplaning is a little different than shaving, and while it still removes hair, the dermaplaning tool uses a single blade to cut very fine facial hairs at a different angle than a shaving razor does. There is currently no home dermaplaning tool that is plastic-free and zero waste, until now. With a little innovation, we knew we could design an approachable tool that uses readily available steel blades, and is packaged with materials that do not harm the Earth.

The Dermaplaner is available on its own or combined with accessories in The Dermaplaner Kit.

Rose Gold Dermaplaner Kit

Maybe you're familiar with our lineup of eco-friendly shaving razors, The Leaf is our triple-blade pivoting head razor and The Twig/Thorn are our single-edge razors. Maybe this is the first time you've heard of Leaf Shave. Either way, we're happy to share The Dermaplaner as part of our lineup and one of the most exciting tools in the beauty and skincare space. 

Why is the Leaf Dermaplaner the best home dermaplaning option? 

It's reusable for life. 

The 100% plastic-free Dermaplaner is made for continued use and will last a lifetime if you take care of it. The metal build is durable, sleek, and easy to clean between uses and you’ll definitely want a clean tool if you’re using it on your face. The handle’s butterfly open feature makes reloading the blade and blade guard super simple. The blade fits seamlessly into the guard, which protects your skin as you dermaplane. The blade and guard both fit into the head of the tool, secured in place when closed. The Dermaplaner is made for any standard safety razor blade, making it easy for you to use a variety of blade brands. Refill heads for premium dermaplaning wands can range from $1.50 to $7+. Leaf blades and replacement blade-guards come in Dermaplaner Refills and are very affordable, costing less than $1 for each refill.

It removes peach fuzz.

The angle of the dermaplaning blade along the skin paired with short feathery strokes allows the tool to cut vellus hair (peach-fuzz). When removed, makeup can sit on the skin better, revealing a revived look and feel. When I first dermaplaned, I realized how much peach fuzz was actually on my face. My skin immediately appeared less dull and smoother. 

It's exfoliating. 

Dermaplaning removes surface-level dead skin cells by physically exfoliating the skin, and sometimes you’ll be able to see what comes off. Exfoliating frees the skin of impurities, softens the skin, and allows your skin to soak up hydration from oils and moisturizers. Apply a few drops of Leaf Shave Oil on the skin before and after dermaplaning for extra glide and hydration. 

It's zero-waste.

In the US, there are more than 370 million disposable plastic dermaplaners and refills used every year. Those options usually lead to skincare enthusiasts having no choice but to toss plastic into trash bins. Many of the popular dermaplaning tools on the market are either disposable dermaplaner wands or reusable handles with proprietary plastic dermaplaner heads.

It's wallet-friendly. 

With Leaf, only one Dermaplaning tool needs to be purchased. After that, refills cost less than $1 making it a wallet-friendly approach as well as an Earth-friendly one. If you’re familiar with dermaplaning facials at a clinic, you know they can get can be expensive. Now you can add dermaplaning to your home skincare routine with a tool that will continue to save you money.

It's 100% plastic-free. 

A completely plastic-free dermaplaning experience at home is now possible. The metal blades and blade guards can be recycled in the Recyling Tin instead of polluting our landfills like plastic refills. The dermaplaner tool itself can be recycled as well if it comes to see its' last day. The dermaplaner and all accessories arrive in completely recyclable paper boxes, (including plastic-free shipping tape) which can be reused or recycled. 

The blade-guard  

What is the difference between a dermaplaning blade and a regular razor blade? We designed a proprietary scalloped blade-guard to fit any standard safety razor blade. Our blade-guard offsets the shaving edge, making the blade safer and gentler to use. These blade-guards are unique and allow you to use any safety razor blade, turning it into a dermaplaning blade. 

The Precision Clip 

The Dermaplaner is ideal for shaping eyebrow hairs, and for eyebrow use, we recommend using a the Precision Clip (comes with your dermaplaner) to shorten the length of the exposed blade. The small metal precision clip seamlessly attaches to the exposed blade on the head of the tool: acting as a cover for approximately half the blade. We designed this to help you feel confident in removing hair from smaller surface places, such as near the eyebrows. With the precision clip added, you can remove stray hairs and create any desired brow shape.

Dermaplaner Stand  

The Dermaplaner Stand holds your dermaplaner both vertically and horizontally to fit on your countertop or storage space. This grippy base stand allows you proudly display your new skincare tool or tuck it safely into your skincare drawer. Utilizing the dermaplaner stand will keep your tool safe and protected from scratches or spills. We thik the best way to store it is on display beside your Leaf Shave razors, all lined up in their stands for an aesthetic setup.

Dermaplaner Cover  

When traveling with your Dermaplaner, you’ll want to make sure it is protected from scratches, dents, and dust. The custom-molded Dermaplaner Cover perfectly fits your dermaplaner, plus a few back up blades tucked in the side. The lightweight cover weighs next to nothing, so it is a no-brainer to pack your dermaplaner for your next trip.

The future of skincare is plastic-free. 

Improving your skincare routine does not have to be expensive or wasteful. The Dermaplaner is a one-time purchase with recurring metal refills when needed, which cost $1 each. A beauty routine should not harm the environment, so skip disposable wands and invest in The Leaf Dermaplaner to end plastic dermaplaning for good. Learn more about the luxurious beauty tool you’ll be longing for here.

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