How to Clean your Single Edge Razor

How to Clean your Single Edge Razor

Take good care of the tools that you want to be with you for a long time. Here are some simple and straight forward care tips for maintaining your single-edge Thorn or Twig razor.

During Shaving

While shaving, rinse your razor after every couple of passes, as needed. Ensuring your razor is cleared of shaved hair and soap will allow it to perform best and let the razor cut the hair without interference.

After Each Use

When you’re done with your shave, rinse it well under running water. If it was a heavy shave, open the razor and take out the blade to rinse it separately. Reload the blade and store in it's stand or on the shower holder.

Rinsing your razor between uses will remove hair, soap, and debris from the razor, helping you get the longest life from your blade, and preparing the razor for its next use.

Every Few Months

Every once and a while your razor might need a deeper clean than just a rinse. There could be a build-up of hair or shave soap clogging your razor.

To clean your razor you will need:

  • Your razor-cleaning brush (we suggest using an old toothbrush and keeping it as a razor cleaning brush).
  • Dish soap
  • Rubbing alcohol (if desired)

First remove the blade.

If you're working through tough soap buildup or residue, soak the head in a bath of diluted white vinegar (1:2 with water) for no more than 10 minutes.

Next, wet the brush and your razor, and using a drop of dish soap gently scrub the razor head working up a lather. Scrub the front, the back, around the handle, inside the head, and under the cap. 

When you're satisfied, rinse and pat dry with a clean towel.

Finally, for an extra-fresh reset: Dunk the razor or swipe it with a little rubbing alcohol on a cotton round.

As Needed Maintenance

Occasionally the twist-to-open mechanism of the single-edge razors will need a little maintenance. Flip over the razor (you’ll see the bottom of the razor handle is open and apply two drops of Shave Oil into the bottom. Keeping the razor upside down, twist it full open and fully closed at least twice. This will coat the internal screw. Repeat as often as necessary for smooth operation.


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