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Retail Partner FAQs

Are Leaf Shave razors sold in stores?

Leaf Shave maintains many retail partners throughout the US and internationally. Many of our partners are small businesses too, boutqiue stores focused on shaving, zero-waste living, and more. 

Where can I buy a Leaf Razor in store?

If you want to buy a Leaf Shave razor or Dermaplaner in-store, your first step is to find a store that's close to you. Our Store Locator, above, helps you do just that.

You'll see a map with leafy pins for each Leaf Shave retail-partner location. Tap the leafy pin that is closest to you for more information on that store.

How many stores is Leaf Shave sold in?

Leaf Shave razors are sold in stores throughout the US, Europe, Asia and more.

Our products are currently available in over 200 stores. These include larger retailers like Amazon, Urban Outfitters, and Grove Collaborative as well as small boutiques world-wide where razors, and zero-waste tools are sold.

In addition to our razors, many stores sell Leaf Shave accessories, including blades, shave soap & oil, and cases.

How can I sell Leaf Shave in my store?

If you own a retail store and would like to carry Leaf Shave razors and products, please submit this application for consideration.