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Need new blades, shave oil, soap or dermaplaning refills? You're in the right spot!

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Glass bottle with wooden cap and rubber dropper, standing in front of it's packaging box on a white background.Hand pulling a dropper full of oil out of a glass bottle of shave oil.
Shave Oil Sale priceFrom $17.00
A photo of a box of 50 Single Edge Blades with Leaf Shave Branding. The box sits on a white bathtub with a few loose razor blades sitting in front of the box.
50-Blade Pack Sale price$12.00
A photo of the shave soap bar sitting upright in front of the shave soap box with a plain white background. The front of the shave soap box reads “Unscented Shave Soap” along with the Leaf Logo. Shave Soap Bar
Shave Soap Bar Sale price$9.00
Dermaplaner RefillsDermaplaner Refills
Dermaplaner Refills Sale price$9.00