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The Science of Hair

The Science of Hair

Explore the science behind hair and tailor your routine for maximum results.

LivingCreating Your At-Home Spa

Creating Your At-Home Spa

Create your own spa at home with this nurturing guide for body and mind care.

Dream Skin is Achievable

Dream Skin is Achievable

Skincare-obsessed YouTuber, Michelle Timuri, walks us through the skincare products that helped save her skin.

Women holding a black Leaf Dermaplaner against her cheek, closeup

Making the Most of Your Leaf Dermaplaner Refills

Some of the most frequently asked Leaf Dermaplaner Refill questions answered.

Earth MonthBeyond the Secrets of Bats

Beyond the Secrets of Bats

"Bats play a crucial role in our ecosystem, and understanding their conservation is vital for our planet's health.” Erin Cord, a bat biologist working with BCI, gives insights into their evolution,...

Earth DaySave The Bats With Your Garden

Save The Bats With Your Garden

As natural habitats shrink, we can create a safe space for bats to live, forage, and raise their young.

Earth MonthHow We Prepare for Earth Month

How We Prepare for Earth Month

Earth Month is our favorite time of the year! Each year we build our Earth Month campaigns months in advance, selecting a special edition finish and nonprofit organization to support. Keep reading ...

Thank The Bats When You Order Your Next Margarita

Thank The Bats When You Order Your Next Margarita

To celebrate Earth Month this year, we chose to shine a spotlight on some of the unsung heroes of our ecosystems–bats! These fascinating creatures are much more than just an eerie nocturnal mammal....

Earth Month2024 Earth Month Non-Profit Partner

2024 Earth Month Non-Profit Partner

Our Earth Month goals are to support, educate, and inspire. We commit to making a financial contribution to an ecological nonprofit organization each year during Earth Month. Throughout April, our ...

ScienceTackling Razor Bumps on your Neck

Tackling Razor Bumps on your Neck

Razor bumps, also known as pseudofolliculities barbae (or ingrown hair), can be a frustrating result of shaving for many face shavers, particularly in the neck area. It's important to understand th...

What's On Your Skincare Shelf?

What's On Your Skincare Shelf?

Beauty and skincare influencer Anna takes us through her skincare journey, current favorites, and best tips. Continue reading to learn how she looks for certain ingredients in her skincare and stic...

LivingLicensed Esthetician Explains At-Home Dermaplaning

Licensed Esthetician Explains At-Home Dermaplaning

We interviewed Olia Majd, who shared insights and expertise in dermaplaning.

The Difference between Dry Skin and Dehydrated Skin

The Difference between Dry Skin and Dehydrated Skin

Discover the difference and learn to hydrate your skin like a pro.