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Month In Review

Leafy October News

October was filled with exciting activity including the launch of Shave Oil and a very anticipated Prism restock. Jump in to read our top review, favorite press mention, and video feature we loved ...

ProductSafety Razor next to a triple-blade Leaf Razor

Is there a Leaf Razor alternative?

A common question we see out in the wild is "is there a cheaper alternative to The Leaf razor?"

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September In Review

See what we're up to! Read about Leaf Shave's exciting September Wrap-Up including 5-star reviews, new product launches, viral Tik Toks and more.

SciencePerson shaving their soapy legs with a leaf razor

The Razor Study: Why You Should Care

We want you to feel confident before making a switch to a Leaf Shave razor, so we’re doing the work to bring you the data you need.

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The Razor Study: Good Study Design

Good study design aims to establish valid and meaningful conclusions using statistical methods while employing an ethical approach. We are not scientists by training…

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Why Is Self Care Important?

Self-care looks different for each individual and no matter how you choose to check in on your mental, emotional and physical well-being, it should be a priority.

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A Razor is the Best Father's Day Gift He Can Receive

A razor is the ultimate Father's Day gift becaues it represents what all Dad's aspire to be for their kids... an example of patience, persistence and finding the right tools.

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Earth Month 2022

I have a simple mission for Leaf: to put a zero-waste razor in the hands of every shaver on Earth. We founded the company on the premise that a better way to shave could also be better for the worl...

Earth MonthBeekeeper in a netted hat

Q&A with a Beekeeper

Mandy Shaw is a beekeeper, educator, artist, and designer of beekeeping gear. When she's not raising two sons, Winnie the dog, chickens, fish, bees, and plants, she humbly and enthusiastically shar...

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How to Choose a Safety Razor

Three types of safety razors, and how to figure out which one is right for you!

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Sustainable Skincare is a Journey

My hairless pursuit started at the tender age of 7 when my mom left her disposable plastic razor in the shower from the last leg shave. Not knowing what to do but wanting to feel like a ...

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5 Reasons a Razor Makes a Perfect Valentines Day Gift

5 reasons why a Leaf Shave Razor makes a perfect v-day gift

ProductTwo leaf razors with green ferns coming into frame

Is The Leaf Razor Worth It?

If you are able to take a leap with Leaf, the only thing you'll wonder is why you didn't do it sooner.