The Greenhouse

Humpback whale breaching in the ocean
Earth Day

Protect Whales, Protect the Planet

A conversation with Pacific Whale Foundation about the crucial roles whales play in maintaining the health of our oceans.

ScienceWomen dermaplaning her face with a rose gold tool

What is Dermaplaning For?

There are many reasons someone might seek out dermaplaning tools or procedures...

SciencePerson shaving their soapy legs with a leaf razor

The Razor Study: Why You Should Care

We want you to feel confident before making a switch to a Leaf Shave razor, so we’re doing the work to bring you the data you need.

ScienceThree beakers with colored liquid in them, and razors

The Razor Study: Good Study Design

Good study design aims to establish valid and meaningful conclusions using statistical methods while employing an ethical approach. We are not scientists by training…

Earth DayMacro shot of bee on honeycomb, by Meg

Earth Month 2022

I have a simple mission for Leaf: to put a zero-waste razor in the hands of every shaver on Earth. We founded the company on the premise that a better way to shave could also be better for the worl...