What is Dermaplaning For?

Women dermaplaning her face with a rose gold tool

Dermaplaning is a technique used to remove a layer of dead cells from your skin. It can be performed at a clinic by a dermatologist or licensed esthetician for a deep exfoliation, or at home for a lighter exfoliation. Dermaplaning has been known to provide many benefits, such as evening skin texture, revealing brighter and smoother skin, and removing unwanted vellus hair (aka peach fuzz).

Similar to dermabrasion, dermaplaning is skin resurfacing. Dermaplaning uses a scalpel or razor blade to remove skin and can be done in clinic or at home, whereas dermabrasion is a surgical procedure.

What is dermaplaning for?

There are many reasons someone might seek out dermaplaning tools or procedures:

  • To help reduce acne scars
  • To remove dry- or dull-skin
  • To remove the fine hair on their face
  • To help reduce the appearance of fine-lines or wrinkles

People who regularly dermaplane note how it feels really good to clear the way for your skin to glow bright. “Dewy” is a word often mentioned. Beyond these feelings, physically removing dead skin cells encourages faster cell turnover and can deliver smoother more even texture.

Additionally, dermaplaning can be beneficial to skincare and beauty routines by encouraging better absorption and more even application of skincare oils, serums and lotions. If you’re someone who, for one reason or another, can’t use chemical-based exfoliating skin products, dermaplaning provides a mechanical exfoliating alternative.

Is dermaplaning just shaving?

Dermaplaning is not simply shaving. There are two major differences between normal shaving and dermaplaning. When you shave, your goal is to remove hair. When you dermaplane, you may desire to remove the fine hairs on your face, and you may ALSO be looking to exfoliate your skin.

The second difference is in the technique and tools — there is a mechanical difference in what’s happening between the tools you use, your skin, and hair. Shaving razors present blades against your skin at a shallow angle, typically between 20° and 30°. The goal is for the blade to glide along your skin and slice through hair as close as possible. Dermaplaning blades are presented to your skin at a much wider angle, typically about 45° to allow the dermaplaning blade is to wipe away dead skin cells away. In the process, it will also remove fine hairs from your face. Tools like Leaf Dermaplaner forces a 45° angle by design and material surrounding the blade edge.

Can men dermaplane?

It’s not unusual for men to wonder if they can benefit from dermaplaning given they often have coarser hair and beards. Dermaplaning tools are not effective for shaving thick, coarse, beards. BUT the answer is still yes!

If you are a man seeking a dermaplaning experience in a clinic, follow their instructions prior to the procedure. Typically this will involve shaving on the day of the procedure. And they may target areas outside of your ‘heavy beard’ growth — cheeks, neck, forehead etc. where there are opportunities for a positive impact on your skin.

Is it dermaplaning if you do it at home?

Yes! It’s like getting your hair done at the salon or barber versus at home. You’re still getting your hair done, but in one place you’re in the hands of a professional and they’re going to do it differently than you’d be able to do at home. At home, you find the tools that work for you that help with upkeep in between professional appointments.

What's the best at-home dermaplaner or facial razor?

Leaf Dermaplaner is one of the most effective at-home dermaplaners by virtue of how much blade is exposed versus guarded. The unique design takes a standard safety razor blade and wraps it with a blade-guard placing scallops over the edge. This allows a non-professional to use Leaf Dermaplaner on their own face at home.

Besides being truly an effective tool for removing vellus hair and providing gentle exfoliation, Leaf Dermaplaner does all of this while being zero-waste. It’s completely plastic-free, and refills are steel so they can be recycled as scrap metal locally or through Leaf Shave company’s recycling program.

So that’s dermaplaning! Are you interested in trying it? Check out Dermaplaner Kit here, and don’t forget to pair it with Shave Oil for that smooth, nourishing glide during and after.

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