Fig — Special Edition Finish

Fig — Special Edition Finish

We’ve recently launched our first NEW color in two years. We call it Fig. One of the most common questions we get from potential customers is if we can make this new finish or that new finish.

I get it!

New colors are exciting and everyone has their own preferences. I’d like nothing more than to make the perfect fit and finish for every Leaf Shave user, everywhere, throughout all time.

Unfortunately, this is not possible.

You see, the colors on our products aren’t paint. We can’t just mix up one of infinite color options and spray it on. Rather, the finishes on our razors are metallic plating. Different colors are produced by varying the types of metals and combinations of metals.

So as you can imagine: there are limitations. The more exotic the finish, the less often it’s made by the ‘finishing house’ and the harder it is to make, the more expensive it is to make, and the harder it is to maintain consistent quality. Those are all three very important considerations.

Chrome is the most common plating on zinc-alloy parts like Leaf Shave razors. Think about all the chrome things around you every day: faucets, shower handles, knobs and pulls, handles, plates. 

Think of how many bright-pink shower heads you’ve seen? Not many! All of this is to say – it’s special when we can bring a new color out. And this new one, Fig, has been in the worlds for the better part of the last 12 months.

We’ve committed it as a special edition which means that it will be available in limited quantities and only while supplies last. It is also, incidentally, one of our most beautiful finishes.

Personally I hope that it’s very popular. If it is very popular, we’ll figure out how to make it a part of our normal lineup.

Happy figgy August. If you’ve been considering taking a leafy leap with us, I hope you choose our all-new Fig finish.

And I hope that you LOVE your new shave.

- Adam


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