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Shower Holder

Read through the below for installation and removal instructions for Leaf Shave Shower Holder.

Read Before Installing

What's in the box?
1x - Leaf Shower Holder for hanging your Leaf, Twig or Thorn razors on the wall
2x - Adhesive stickers—one comes pre-installed on the back of Shower Holder and the second one is loose in the box (if you ever move it to a new location).

Shower Holder is compatible with The Leaf razor (our triple-blade razor), and The Twig and Thorn razors (our single-edge models).

Surface Guide
✅ Glass / Perspex
✅ Mirror
✅ Ceramic Tile
✅ Marble
✅ Fiberglass
✅ Metal
✅ Textured / Uneven Tiles
✅ Mosaic Tiles
✅ Concrete

Take care on painted surfaces (like drywall) as the adhesive may damage it when removing.

Installing | Peel & Stick

Prep. Clean the area that your Shower Holder will be installed on with something like rubbing alcohol and then dry the surface.

Step 1. Peel the paper backing off of the adhesive pad.

Step 2. Place it on the wall where you want to install it. It is important to note that once the adhesive grabs the wall, it is not very adjustable so take care and place it precisely where you want it.

Step 3. Place your razor on the hook with the blades facing the wall. You can put your razor on it immediately once installed.

Note: Measure twice, stick once! The adhesive pad is designed to securely hold your razor without you having to worry about it falling off the wall. Consequently, it is strong.


If you move or want to relocate your Shower Holder to a different wall, shower, or location, you need to break the bond from the adhesive pad.

If it's a relatively new installation, you may be able to apply downward (shear) force and peel it off the wall.

If it's been on for a while (for months or years), you may need to break through the adhesive mechanically. We've found that you can accomplish this with a strip of floss. Snake the floss between the Shower Holder and the tile or wall, and floss downward. This will essentially saw through the adhesive bond. Once you've gone about half-way down, you should be able to peel it off the rest of the way.

Clean up any leftover adhesive pad on the wall, and remove as much of it as you can from the back of the Shower Holder.

Apply a new adhesive pad on the back of Shower Holder, and install in your new location.


If you have any questions about the above instructions and guidance, please reach out to us directly. We are always happy to help: