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The Leaf Razor

Getting Started

Single Edge Razors

Getting Started

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Getting Started

Getting started with


First, watch the below videos so you know how to properly load blades (your Dermaplaner does not come with a blade pre-installed, you'll need to load one up to get started).

Leaf Dermaplaner Kit, with box, tool, stand and refill pack in rose gold.

Review Before Use

- Before using your Dermaplaner, read through these instructions. If you have any questions about how to load, use, or care for the tool, please reach out to us at

- Exercise caution when handling blades and using Dermaplaner—the blades are sharp, and as with any tool that uses a sharp blade, there is risk of injury.

- Please keep the tool and blades out of reach of children.

- Do not use Leaf Dermaplaner without a blade guard installed.

Illustrative image showing how the Blade Refill is inserted in-between the flaps of the blade-guard.

Getting Started Out of Box

- Your Leaf Dermaplaner comes with two single edge blades and two blade guards.

- One of the blade guards is preinstalled, so you just need to load your first blade and you're ready to go!

- Watch the video below about how to refill blades and blade guards.

- We suggest refilling your Dermaplaner with a new blade and blade guard every one to three uses, or at least once a month. It's important to use fresh, clean blades.

- Between uses, we suggest removing the blade and rinsing it. You can disinfect it if you wish with a quick alcohol wipe.

Women dermaplaning with Leaf Dermaplaner in Prism, holding her skin taut looking in a mirror.

How to Dermaplane

Before you begin, cleanse your face completely.

Use on either dry skin, or apply a small amount of Leaf Shave Oil. If you’re unsure about which method works best for your skin, we recommend trying both or consulting your dermatologist.

Step 1: Hold your skin taut behind the tool. Place the blade at a 45° angle against your skin.

Step 2: Use light pressure, and move in short, feathery strokes. Start on your cheekbone and move inward along your cheek and jawline.

Step 3: Continue along your forehead, moving downward. Use above your lip and along your chin as desired. Rinse or wipe the blade throughout dermaplaning. Most importantly-take your time.

Step 4: Finish by rinsing your skin and applying Leaf Shave Oil to moisturize and protect your skin.

Watch with Sound On

Cleaning & Care

Like any tool that you want to last, a little care goes a long way.

Prism Dermaplaner under running water from a tap, splashing across it's face.

During & After Use


While using Dermaplaner, keep the edges clear of hair and skin cells as needed. Either gently wipe on a soft cloth or run quickly under water.


After you finish using Dermaplaner, remove the blade, rinse and dry it. With the head of the tool flipped open, rinse water through the blade-guard from within the tool. If desired, you can disinfect the blade and blade-guard with rubbing alcohol.

You can reinstall the blade for next use if you're using the same blade next time. If you're using a fresh blade next time, leave your tool empty until then, or unwrap a fresh blade and install that.

Dermaplaner tool with it's refillable components apart, on a marble table next to shave oil and fresh refillables.

Long-term Care

Periodically, as needed, give your tool a deeper clean. We suggest using an old-toothbrush that has been designated as your 'razor cleaning toothbrush.'

First, remove any blade and blade-guard that is installed into your tool.

Then, apply a small amount of dish soap onto the toothbrush. Mixing with water, scrub the tool all over, in all the nooks and crannies. Remove any residue that may be left over from use.

Dry using a soft-cloth or towel. Reinstall a fresh blade-guard and blade for your next use.


If you ever feel that you're not getting what you need out of your Dermaplaner, please reach out: