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Leaf Grip Sleeve

The Leaf Grip Sleeve is compatible with the triple-blade Leaf Razor only.

Step 1

The Leaf Grip Sleeve is molded to perfectly fit the taper on your Leaf Razor handle. Thus, if you try to install it "dry" it'll be tough to slide on, and you may rip the silicone.

Step 1: Wet the handle and apply a tiny amount of soap, this will slick the handle allowing the silicone sleeve to slide on easily. You can wet the handle first, or you can push the first bit of the sleeve over the end of the handle to 'get it started.'

Note: It goes on "small opening" first, matching the taper of the handle. The wider opening on the grip sleeve will be at the bottom of the handle, near the LEAF logo.

Step 2

Grab a towel (this helps you grip and push the sleeve) and push it up the handle. It should slide on with little effort. Push it up until the bottom of the grip sleeve falls above the LEAF logo.

Step 3

Thoroughly rinse the whole razor handle to get rid of the soap under the grip sleeve that helped you slide it on. Once it is fully rinsed, the sleeve will not be able to slide around on the handle and will be firmly suctioned. You're now good to go, enjoy our Leaf Razor with Grip Sleeve.