The Greenhouse

Photo of Meggyn stretching on a track by Jen Hofer

Sustainable Skincare is a Journey

My hairless pursuit started at the tender age of 7 when my mom left her disposable plastic razor in the shower from the last leg shave. Not knowing what to do but wanting to feel like a grown a...

Personal ExperienceMan holding two razors outstretched

Interview Series: Josh turns over a new leaf, Part 1 of 3

Josh was about to give up on shaving with safety razors...

Personal ExperiencePerson shaving the top of their foot

Brooke meets a safety razor that she actually loves

Brooke joined the Leaf Shave team and opened her eyes to a better way to shave...

Personal ExperiencePerson in profile, holding up a Leaf Razor and looking at it on a pink background

Intern Julia finds her footing with a pivoting-head plastic free shave

Can Intern Julia overcome her fear and leave plastic behind?