Sustainable Skincare is a Journey

Photo of Meggyn stretching on a track by Jen Hofer

My hairless pursuit started at the tender age of 7 when my mom left her disposable plastic razor in the shower from the last leg shave. Not knowing what to do but wanting to feel like a grown a** woman, I took the dull blades to my peach fuzz and shaved my entire body.

Since then, I’ve realized what I prefer to shave and what I like to keep a little fuzzy. It’s all about personal preference— aesthetic, warmth, and so many other factors. I am committed to living in the kindest way possible, however, I am ashamed to say that I have purchased and tossed so many blade cartridges in my adult life. Between the branding, quick & easy prep, and cheap prices, I have been lured.

Eventually, I felt discouraged from buying razors that never felt made for me, and I stopped shaving altogether. For a short time, I tried waxing salons. It felt more like a luxury than a casual venture, and the cost to me never felt worth it (see my honest review below).

Discovering what my skin likes and how it reacts is a never-ending mission. My skin is sensitive, and my curly hair ranges in thickness depending on the area. There are many obstacles I face in skin and hair care, but finding a solution that feels made for me is life-changing. Giving quality care to my skin had felt like mystical wisdom only a dermatologist could unlock. Once I tried Leaf, it was a game changer. I realized at-home tools existed to empower even the most undereducated.

Chrome Leaf shaving a Meg leg. 

That was all it took to generate curiosity. Shaving with a Leaf is surprisingly intuitive, beautiful, and creates a certain type of divine ritual. Owning a thoughtful and sustainable tool opens space for mindfulness, care, and confidence. There is power in choosing how your wear hair on your body. With a Leaf, you can be certain in getting a quality shave without the compromises. Whether it’s displayed on your counter or propped up on the stand, you’ll enjoy looking at it, and you will look forward to the next shave.

The upfront cost is more than a plastic cartridge system. For some, it’s not affordable without saving and budgeting for it. If you aspire for higher self-value, investing in skincare tools such as a Leaf are worth the investment and last a lifetime. Breaking the cycle of plastic waste give back to your wallet, your skin, and our planet.



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