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Intern Julia finds her footing with a pivoting-head plastic free shave

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Fear is common

Trying something for the first time can be daunting. You fill your mind with reasons not to do it. You don’t know what to expect. It doesn't matter how much research you do, something new is something new.

When I joined the Leaf team as a marketing intern, I definitely had some trepidation about using a metal razor for the first time. I was sold on the idea of a waste-less razor and a clean shave, but I wasn't so sure about the actual tool itself. Mostly, because I had never tried one before!

Obviously, I was here, I had to give it a try. Opening up my new razor for the first time I was thrilled, if not a little intimidated by the blades. But that promise of the last razor I'd ever need, and an end to the wasteful cycle (dollars and plastic!) of disposable razors, instilled me with the confidence to give things a go.

But I can conquer that fear

Boy was I glad I did! I tinkered with the blades, placed them in each of their little slots and tightened the metal dial. While initially the blades seemed scary, loading the razor and using the blades was simple and harmless.

I held it in my hand and the quality was obvious. It felt sturdy and durable. So there was nothing left to do but shave. I started with my legs. At most I did four strokes on each of my legs and I was done. “This can’t be right...” I thought.

Previously, it used to take me nearly ten minutes to do both legs since I would have to go over them several times. With my cheap plastic razor, I never felt as though it was truly working and giving me a smooth shave. Using my Leaf it took me no more than five minutes. It didn’t require me to re-shave again and again, it just effortlessly removed the hair.


As a person who waits until the last possible minute to shave the fact that I was able to do so in such a timely manner blew me away. While the thought of an all-metal razor did make me slightly nervous in the beginning these feelings were washed down the shower drain.

The metal exterior of the razor even gave a cooling effect, with a little soap it glided easily. I stepped out of the shower no longer feeling like a cavewoman and in pure awe of my new razor. I didn’t have to sacrifice comfort to help reduce my plastic waste.

Time to spread the word

I had to tell my family about it. Before I knew it, they each were trying the razor. My mom used it on her legs as well and admitted that it was the highest quality razor she had ever used. A major upgrade.

Next, my dad decided he wanted to try it for shaving his face. Mind you, my dad had also been using various cheap razors from the sale section at CVS. After using The Leaf for the first time on his face he said he would never go back to his plastic razors. It left his skin instead was left feeling smooth.

What a reLEAF!

In my opinion, the best part about the razor is its ability to pivot and therefore get around tough places like the knee and ankle. This feature is common in plastic razors but no one has ever done this in a safety razor, until Leaf. It truly is a relief to not constantly throw away a razor or shaving head. 

One small step...

Although it’s just one small step in reducing waste, small steps can gradually create big change. As Neil Armstrong once said, “One small step for man; one giant leap for mankind.” In this case, making one small change means I will never have to throw out another plastic razor for the rest of my life.

I now want to make it a priority to switch to products that reduce my waste. I’m learning through Leaf Shave that these swaps do not have to be difficult if the product is well designed!

One small step for Julia, one leafy leap forward for mankind.

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