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Sale price$39.00

A zero-waste at-home dermaplaning facial razor for removing peach fuzz, maintaining brows, and exfoliating skin with an Earth-friendly footprint. Best value Dermaplaner Kit

Color: Prism

The future of skincare is plastic-free, recyclable, and refillable.

Found in these Bundles

Leaf Dermaplaner Kit, with box, tool, stand and refill pack in rose gold.

Starter Kit - $59

Dermaplaner, Stand, & Refills

Super Bundle - $89

Dermaplaner, Stand, Refills, Shave Oil, Cover, Recycling Tin

Unmute for Sound

A little at-home luxury

At-home dermaplaning is growing in popularity, but the available tools are either wasteful single-use plastic or high-priced wands with expensive blades encased in plastic…the same problems that plague shaving razors (sigh). Our mission is to change the way we groom and maintain our hair, so we’ve designed a better tool for dermaplaning, with none of the plastic. You’re going to LOVE it.

Plastic-free & Recyclable

By our estimates, more than 300 million plastic dermaplaner refills and wands are thrown away each year. Make the switch to Leaf Dermaplaner, and never toss a plastic refill or tool again.

The very cheap ultra-disposable tools are entirely plastic. The high-end wands have reusable handles, however the refills are encased in plastic. Currently, if you want to dermaplane without plastic you have to go to a clinic where a dermatologist or esthetician will use a bare scalpel tool.

Now with your at-home dermaplaning tool from Leaf, you can take care of your skin and leave no trace.

Accessible Luxury

Leaf Dermaplaner refills cost less than $1 each. Compare this with other high-end refills which can cost nearly $8 each. You'll experience at-home dermaplaning luxury without the ongoing luxury price tag.

Gentle Exfoliation & Hair Removal

Think of it like a reset for your skin. There are numurous benefits to periodic gentle exfoliation. You'll feel a difference in texture and see your complexion brighten right away.

Additionally, when peach fuzz (vellus hair) is removed, you'll see better skincare product absorption, and makeup will sit better.

Leaf Innovation

Leaf Shave is at the forefront of innovation in shaving razors...and now in skincare tools! Our unique handle and blade-guard design (patents pending) turn standard safety razor blades into dermaplaning blades for safe at-home use.

Flip the head open, install a scalloped blade-guard, and insert a fresh blade.

Precision Clip Included

Every Leaf Dermaplaner includes a steel precision clip. Clip this onto the head to cover a portion of the blade, effectively creating a smaller blade exposure for precision work.

Plucking and waxing can be painful and expensive, so use Dermaplaner with the precision clip to maintain brows and other fine facial hair.