A Razor is the Best Father's Day Gift He Can Receive

Man and child with shave cream on their faces, smiling

I know what you're thinking: that there are millions other Father's Day gifts that are better than a razor, such as a Ferrari, a trip into space with Elon Musk, or a private golf lesson with Tiger Woods. And yes, those are pretty good gifts. But I will argue that a razor is better than all of them combined.

Not because it's a tangible thing you give to show your appreciation to a Dad who deserves it but because of what it has represented to fathers and sons all over the world for millennia. The razor perfectly embodies the father-son relationship. I should know. Not only am I a father of an extremely inquisitive 6-year-old, but I also own a razor company. Does that make me biased? Yes... but that doesn't make me wrong.

We've all seen the picture of the father and son lathered with shaving cream looking in the mirror. This image seems like a simple moment between father and son, but it represents so much more. It represents a teaching moment. Passing on experience is the essence of parenthood. If you are a parent, there are many of these moments, maybe dozens in a single day. Sometimes they go well, and other times they fall on deaf ears and sarcastic eye rolls. Some are insignificant and inconsequential, like "don't leave your clothes on the floor." Others are more about survival like "don't touch a hot stove."

Shaving has an air of importance and significance. Shaving can also be dangerous if done incorrectly. Blood can be drawn, and therefore it commands attention. It also symbolizes self-confidence and presenting yourself to the world. You don't need to remove your hair to be “presentable,” but if you choose to groom, shaving is a key tool in the toolbelt.

Shaving is also a rite of passage. You can't do it until you're a certain age. Similar to driving, the teaching moment comes on the cusp of adulthood. This makes it that much more special.

Shaving is subjective. Everyone shaves differently, which is why passing down the knowledge is so personal. The student will hopefully take that knowledge and merge it into their own style. Similar to cooking, you tweak the recipe and make it your own to get the results you want.

But perhaps what makes a shaving lesson the ultimate dad education is that it uses a tool. And not just any tool. Steel sharpened to a razor sharp edge is one of the most ancient tools known to man. It's no secret Dads love tools and the ultimate tool is one that can create beautiful results in the right hands, creating a perfect blend of experience and technique. A tool that Dad can rely on for the rest of his life to put his best face forward, for himself and all the people that he loves.

A razor is the ultimate Father's Day gift because it represents what all dads aspire to be for their kids — a wealth of knowledge and an example of what can be accomplished with patience, persistence, and the right tools. It is the ultimate teaching moment. This Fathers Day, get the man in your life the best tool he could ever ask for - a Leaf Shave razor…… and save the Ferrari for next year.

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