Discover Your Perfect Shave

Discover Your Perfect Shave

For shaving aficionados and beginners alike, navigating the vast world of razors and hair removal products can feel like being lost in a maze. The myriad options available combined with countless hairy myths floating around can make anyone’s experience daunting. What if you had a trusty guide to illuminate the path for you?


1. The Razor Match Finder

Imagine having a razor customized to you! The Razor Match Finder quiz is not just another online quiz; it's your shaving companion. It analyzes your unique habits, history, and preferences, and presents you with a razor that feels like it was crafted especially for you.

We get that there's no one-size-fits-all in shaving. That's why we've crafted four unique shaving tools, each designed for various skin types and shaving habits. Leaf it to us to make sure you're not just picking any razor—you're selecting a razor that truly complements your skin. Making the right choice has never been this easy!


Gif of a shaving kit

2. Shaving Myths

Myths, tales, and misinformation have grown from every crack in the sidewalk along the lengthy pathway that is the history of shaving. Some of these misconceptions have even stopped many from achieving the perfect shave they deserve. At Leaf Shave, we believe in empowering you with the right knowledge.

The Shaving Myths quiz is our way of challenging these misconceptions. It's a fun yet eye-opening journey where you get to test your knowledge on common shaving beliefs with the goal of having a better understanding about hair growth and hair removal.

Each question presents a common myth or belief about shaving, and you decide whether it's true or false. Regardless of whether you get the answer right or wrong, you'll be provided with the correct information immediately and some resources.


Happy shaving!

3. Elemental Match

Embark on a personalized grooming adventure with Find My Elemental Match. Discover your unique elemental match—Rock, Water, or a harmonious Earth—and uncover bundles that align with your style.

Pro-tip: unlock a secret message for an extra element of fun! Take the quiz today and redefine your grooming routine based on your individual preferences and personality.

Discover your natural element.


Our quizzes offer a chance to understand your body and hair better, and a way to navigate the shaving world with more confidence and clarity. So whether you're in the mood to find your dream razor, challenge some age-old shaving myths, or just have some fun, we've got just the quiz for you!

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