The Razor Study

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We're not guessing that the patented technology in The Leaf works better, we're proving it.

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A first-of-its-kind study quantifying the impact of our technology on your shave.



16,000+ Datapoints

Study Objectives

The Razor Study was designed to investigate the impact of the proprietary technology in The Leaf Razor on a user’s shave, in comparison to premium disposable cartridge razors, and in comparison to traditional double-edge safety razors. The following key parameters were explored:


What we found

In a randomized, controlled study, The Leaf Razor was shown to deliver a closer shave, and a safer shave with fewer nicks and cuts, when compared with both traditional safety razors, and modern disposable plastic razors.

Additionally, participants in The Leaf Razor group were more satisfied, and more likely to recommend their razor to a friend.

Designing world-changing products requires investing in evidence using good scientific principles. The Razor Study is a first-of-its-kind study. It may seem trivial, but products in the personal care industry are rife with unsubstantiated claims. I hope that you see our comittment to changing that.

Adam Simone, Co-founder at Leaf Shave

The Razor Study

A first-of-its-kind randomized, controlled study assessing the impact of razor design on safety and efficacy of shaving.


Participants were randomized into three groups.

Participants had no prior experience with either a traditional double-edge safety razor, or The Leaf razor. They represent you, if you are considering making a change from your plastic razors today.

Control Group

(continued to shave with their plastic razors)

Safety Razor Group

(provided with a double-edge safety razor)

Leaf Razor Group

(provided with a pivoting-head Leaf razor)

Graphic showing the safety ratings from the razor study, reported as the % of shaves where a nick or cut was reported: Leaf Razor Group 25.6%, Safety Razor Group 46.9%, Plastic Razor Group 32.8%


Adverse safety events (aka nicks and cuts)

The Leaf Razor group recorded the lowest percentage of safety issues during their shaves; and they also exited the study rating the safety of their razor significantly higher compared with the other two groups (p<0.001).

This demonstrating a safer shave with The Leaf razor’s technology advancements.

Graphic showing the percent of shaves achieving the user's desired level of closeness. Leaf Razor Group: 86%; Safety Razor Group: 56%; Plastic Razor Group: 46%


Outcomes matter.

The Leaf Razor group recorded the highest percentage of shaves acheiving a desired level of closeness; and exit survey results were significantly higher compared with the other two groups (p<0.05).

This now demonstrates both a safer shave, and a closer one.

Graphic showing the satisfaction ratings from the razor study: Leaf Razor Group 9.3 / 10; Safety Razor Group: 7.4 / 10; Plastic-Razor Group 7 / 10


It turns out shaving can be better without plastic.

The Leaf Razor group was significantly more satisfied with their razor. (p<0.001).

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a measurement of how likely someone is to recommend a product to a friend. The Leaf Razor group recorded a +77 NPS score, comprised of 25 “Promoters,” 5 “Neutrals,” and only 1 “Detractor.”

The most common word in reviews is “Love,” and after reviewing this data we are not surprised.

Why this matters

Based on these results, it is very likely that someone switching from a plastic razor will experience closer, safer and more satisfying shaves by making a switch to The Leaf razor. This should help reduce our over-reliance on plastic shaving razors to meet this basic personal care need.