Leaf Razor, Chrome


Our triple-blade head and body-shaver in the Chrome finish is on End of Summer Special, normally $84. Find out why The Leaf is the most-loved plastic-free razor on Earth. Looking for the other colors?



Available for Limited Time • Lifetime Warranty • Ships Fast from Connecticut

The Leaf Razor in Chrome finish will be both your favorite razor and the last one you'll ever need. Available at a promotional price for a limited time.

There is no razor like The Leaf, we've completely re-written the future of shaving with this beautiful all metal razor. It's truly designed for any body, shaving anywhere head to toe. What sets it apart? Load multiple blades (you choose: 1, 2 or 3 to customize it), and the unique pivoting head not found on any other safety razor.

The Leaf's multi-blade design is engineered to be gentle, adjustable and efficient. Users report faster shave times, safer shavings than traditional safety razors and a way lower learning curve. The Leaf razor covers a lot of ground very efficiently.

A long, balanced handle delivers control. And if you need extra support slide on our silicone sleeve for extra grip. Once you hold it, you’ll feel the difference.

Your old razor will look and feel like a toy after switching. Welcome to the last razor you'll ever buy.
What's Included
• The Leaf razor, Chrome (1x)
• 10-blade starter pack (1x)

Is this a fit for me?
You can shave anywhere with your Leaf razor, from head to toe, and in between. It's a favorite of body shavers (legs, underarms, chest etc.) and head shavers as it efficiently covers lots of ground. If you're looking for a plastic-free razor that is most similar to what you're using now, The Leaf is the best choice.

Looking for a smaller razor for face shaving, or precision shaving? Check out The Twig razor.

Kits and Accessories

Bundle and Save: 1 Available

Leaf Super Bundle, Chrome

The Leaf Super Bundle in Chrome, a Labor Day special

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Pairs well with: 4 Available

Leaf Case

$25 • Neutral-case

Leaf Case

The Leaf Grip Sleeve

$5 • Black

The Leaf Grip Sleeve

50-Blade Pack


A photo of a box of 50 Single Edge Blades with Leaf Shave Branding. The box sits on a white bathtub with a few loose razor blades sitting in front of the box.

Shave Soap Bar


A photo of the shave soap bar sitting upright in front of the shave soap box with a plain white background. The front of the shave soap box reads “Unscented Shave Soap” along with the Leaf Logo.

Upgrade your shave  without a worry.

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The Leaf Razor

Switch to a plastic-free shave

The Leaf razor is ADORED by head-shavers and body-shavers alike, with it's multiple-blades and pivoting head it's unmatched.

Proprietary 3-blade design

The head pivots. Game over.

Use any blade, because we’re not jerks.

Magnetic blade assist, safe easy loading.

All-metal razor, built to last.

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