Leaf Razor

$ 75.00


Leaf Shave lets you build your own razor / razor blade system, eliminating wasteful plastic and packaging. You get a beautiful tool for shaving without overpaying for blades each month. Leaf Razor is a multi-blade, pivoting head, modern shaver with the classic old-school twist of double-edge blades. Each razor ships with 40 blade edges, and if you add a stand you start with 60 blade edges. No more monthly shave clubs, no more paying for over-priced Big Shave cartridges. Just a great looking razor for a comfortable shave.

Check out our Leaf Starter Kit for the ultimate value!

  • All metal razor
  • Available in three finishes (Chrome, Black and RoseGold)
  • Accepts 1, 2 or 3 blades
  • Pivoting head for comfort and ease of shave
  • Magnetic assist to help with loading blades

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This product is not available outside the US at this time.

Leaf Razor turns classic blades into a modern shave.

The Leaf Razor is unlike anything else. We let you load 1, 2 or 3 blades individually. This allows you to customize the razor to fit your skin and hair.

Your Leaf dramaticaly reduces the waste from disposable plastics and packaging commonly found in other razor cartridges. The blades are safe and easy to handle, and give an amazing shave. You can't beat the timeless quality of a blade that has been in use for over a century.

Leaf Razor cuts through hair without tugging or pulling

The whole head of the razor has been designed with water-flow in mind. Your Leaf Razor will mow down hair of almost any length without the typical tugging / pulling of cartridge blades because of the distance we've placed between each cutting edge.

As you can see, loading is simple. Mating features are built into each of the blade dividers and the sides of the blades. We've even included magnets to hold the blades tight for easy loading. Once you've tried this, you'll never want to return to your old razor.