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January 5, 2023

Refill with Steel Blades? Meet the New Sustainable Razor Changing the Game.

written by:

  Adam Simone

I'm really not "extra" when it comes to my personal care routines. I don't invest in all the serums and anti-aging stuff. I don't meticulously match the scent going under my arm with the scent washing my face. Wake up, shave, go to work. Wake up, sometimes don't shave, go to work. Cover up in the winter and become a grisly bear, because COLD. Awake from hibernation in the spring. 

(Lather). Rinse and repeat. 

Shaving was a necessary evil. When I turned 16 Gillette sent me a razor in the mail, welcoming me to "man-hood" with the "best a man can get" and I just shrugged and accepted my fate. The shave experience was... okay. Yeah, often my face felt chewed up and spit out. Yeah, my neck developed ingrown hairs and irritation. Yeah, I went through a regrettable neck-beard phase as a result. I just assumed this is what it was to be a man, this was the best I could get.

I never gave it much thought. It's just a razor. It's something I have to do multiple times a week, every month, every year, for decades, until my biology turns off the hair-growing gene or I give in and embrace my inner Gandolf. Which is why, ironically, my entire life now revolves around thinking about shaving. 

Hello, Leaf Shave.

Innovative razors that actually don't suck

My partner and I built Leaf Shave focused solely on making shaving suck way less, for you, your wallet, AND the environment. Our razors are constructed from all-metal. They're designed to last a lifetime (which we stand by with our stress-relieving 60-day trial and lifetime warranty on all Leaf Shave products).

You simply refill the steel blades. No cartridges, no plastic, just the pure steel blades. When they're dull? Store them in the Recycling Tin and recycle it when full (users typically take about three years to fill one up, about the size of a mints tin).

Steel blades, they stound scary right? Turns out, they're one of the oldest most enduring shaving implements over the past few centuries. Once you load your razor the first time, you'll realize how safe and easy it is. And when you buy your first refill pack (100 blades for $19) you'll realize how it's all worth it. That pack will last you years.

And that's it. That's what makes Leaf Shave so great. When you receive your razor, it'll come in all paper-based packaging. Down to the tape used to close the shipping box. Just recycle that curbside. After watching the instructions, you'll have it all figured out. Load your blade(s) and you're ready to turn over a new leaf.

Are the razors for men or women?

Yes. And also no. Leaf Shave razors aren't for any specific gender, rather we design solutions focused on what area you're shaving. We all want a close, smooth, easy and safe shave — and that's what you're going to find.

When I body-shave, whether that's a leg or underarm, I usually choose The Leaf triple-blade razor. Same for when I shave my head. There is truly not another plastic-free razor like it, with it's triple-blade capacity and pivoting head. It's a master-class in efficiently covering a lot of ground.

In my experience, it provides one of the smoothest, longest-lasting shaves many people have ever experienced. Scientifically, it's efficacy is supported by a 90 person, randomized and controlled Shave Study.

When I'm face shaving, I reach for my single-edge Thorn razor. Our single-edge razor body comes in two versions: Twig and Thorn. The Thorn is the 'more aggressive' version and it's a perfect match for my thick, coarse Mediterranean hair. In a matter of minutes I can clean shave in two passes, sculpt precise lines and easily shave under my nose given the small head size.

Made to match

As I mentioned, I'm not very extra. I keep things simple so I usually opt for neutral finishes in my bathroom. Black. Chrome. Silver. But if you're someone who likes a little flare, there are a range of finish options across the product lineup. No matter your choice, it's going to look good on your countertop or in your shower. Prior to starting Leaf Shave I never thought of my personal care products as 'show-worthy.' But in reality, elevating the utilitarian tools that occupy my day lifts my spirits as well.

Leaf Shave razors start at $59 for the single-edge model, and go up to $84 for the triple-blade. Refills are not proprietary (the razors are compatible with standard safety razor blades) and start at $0.19 cents each from Leaf. If you're being thrifty, you could price-shop other brands down to about $0.05 cents each. Incredible.

This is the last razor you'll ever need. You're saving money each day you shave with it, and not with a disposable cartridge. so you might as well invest in it now.

The added bonus

Table stakes for a razor is that it shaves. What separates any old razor from a good one, is when it shaves cleanly, and comfortably, without irritation.

What elevates a Leaf Shave razor even further, is that it accomplishes those things without any waste. Zero plastic.

I've been filling up a recycling tin for a little over two years. Each time I refill my razors, I slip in the old blades. When it's full, I'll recycle it. We recycle many of our users' tins. They may either recycle their used blades locally as scrap metal, or send them back to Leaf Shave.

Each year, Leaf Shave users offset millions of plastic razors from ending up in landfill. It is a drop in the bucket against the more than 3 billion that end up in our landfill and oceans every year. But it's a start.

5 More Reasons to start shaving with Leaf

1. Save on bundles: Customize your new shave setup. Whether you want to add both models to your routine, want some accessories or all of the goodies.

2. Patented designs: There truly are no razors like Leaf Shave razors. Designed from the ground-up, fully in-house, you will only find the forward thinking innovations that lead to razors you will actually fall in LOVE with at Leaf.

3. Over 300,000 customers served: Leaf Shave already has a bunch of people who love the product, so the odds are you will too.

4. Always find your fit: With two different razor models, between which there are nearly 10 configurations, you are bound to find the right fit for your hair and body. You can always start with The Quiz.

5. Trial and Lifetime Warranty: Like I mentioned, there's a 60 day return period. You need time to get to know your forever razor. If you don't dig it, you can send it back. And if your razor encounters any manufacturing defects, access the warranty, anytime.

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