How to get the perfect head shave, every time.



If this is your first time, or if it's been a while since your last head shave — make sure your hair is trimmed short. Take a buzzer and set it to 0 or 1, bringing your hair down close to skin level. If you don't have clippers, head to the barber and ask for a buzz.

To prepare your skin, shave in the shower, right after the shower, or after applying a hot towel to your head for a few minutes. The goal is to open up your pores, soften your hair and hydrate your skin.

For an elevated experience, take a Shave Soap Bar, a bowl and a shaving brush and whip up a lather. First, wet the brush then gently wring it out so not too much water is on it.

Then place the bar in the bowl and whip the brush in circles for 60-90 seconds. The longer you whip, the smaller the bubbles get, the creamer the lather. Then apply.

(Don't have time for that? Grab whatever is handy, from shaving cream, to shave butter or even conditioner).

Bonus points if you apply a small amount of Shave Oil underneath the lather, first, to help lock in hair hydration.



Especially if this is your first time, you may want to make your first pass shaving 'with the grain' of hair growth on the areas of thicker growth. If you have areas of thinner growth, you may be able to make your first pass against the grain.

I start at the front of my hairline on my forehead and shave backward along the top of my head moving in strips from left-to-right. Then, I move to the side of my head and shave downward (with the grain) or front-to-back which is effectively across the grain of hair growth.

After completing one side, I complete the other side, and then move to the back. I start at the crown of my head and shave downward with the grain of hair growth moving in methodical strips from left to right.

Feel around with your free hand and you'll identify if there are areas that need a second pass. If you only shaved with, or across your grain of hair growth and you desire a skin-close shave then you will likely need to re-lather for a second pass.

Apply another layer of lather, and complete the shave process a second time. This time, shaving against the grain of hair growth.

Tip: When working around your ears, pin them back to keep from nicking yourself. The same can be said for shaving along the top of your ear.



You've done the hard part! Now treat yourself right. Did you know that shaving strips your skin's natural oils away? That's why your skin often feels dry after shaving.

I always finish with an oil. If your skin is prone to irritation or redness, finish with Calming Serum. If not, you can confidently use Shave Oil after your shave. The oil will help rebalance your skin's natural production, provide needed moisture and protection, and keep your skin happy.

A little goes a long way. Draw a small amount using the dropper and deposit 3-4 drops into your hand. Apply and rub in vigorously on your head for 30 seconds, until it's well absorbed. Spending time outside? Don't forget the SPF.

How long will your shave last? That depends on how fast your hair grows, and how close of a shave you prefer to keep. Many people will shave their head every few days, tolerating a day or two of regrowth. Others prefer to shave every day. Listen to your skin, and understand what it will tolerate.


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