Leaf Shave® Patents

Leaf Shave® Company, LLC is a leader in designing, developing and selling advanced, sustainably-focused, innovative shaving products. Leaf Shave products can be found online at as well as through Leaf Shave official retail partners. This page is intended to serve as notice under 35 U.S.C. § 287(a).


Product Name: The Leaf® razor
Patent Number(s): US10,906,196, US11,883,970Other patents pending.

Product Name: The Twig® razor
Patent Number(s): US11,235,483. US17,577,609. US11772291. US Des. D970814. EU0081743530001. AUS202015195. UK90081743530001. European Patent No. 3582937Indian Design Registration No. 333471-001. Other patents pending.

Product Name: Unreleased
Patent Number(s): US9676111.


LEAF SHAVE®: US5429118
LEAF®: AU2201041, EM018532757, UK00003679900.
TWIG®: AU2201040, EM018532763, UK00003679935