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Leafy October News

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Our leafy team is working hard every day and making progress each month, so to keep our readers updated, we compiled some highlights from October at Leaf Shave.

We dropped more Prism edition razors

We restocked (at the time of this writing) the Prism finish, our most popular choice followed closely by Black. It's such a unique finish, no two are the same - like snowflakes, unique unto themselves.


We Launched Shave Oil

Your shave routine is missing an important step. Did you know that it takes a few minutes to hydrate your hair and a fraction of that time to evaporate? Stop the dehydration cycle in its tracks with Leaf Shave Oil - specially formulated to lock in moisture before and after shaving for an extraordinarily comfortable shave. 

Those who have shaved with Shave Oil reported:

  • - Softened skin
  • - Enhanced shaving experience
  • - Reduced irritation and bumps

Use this oil from head to toe, with a shave or without - it’s unscented and non-comedogenic (it won't clog your pores) so it can be a facial oil too. Check out Shave Oil ingredients.


Customer Review of the Month

If you’re on the fence about taking the leafy leap take a look at our favorite customer review from October:

Ladies, Gentlemen, and everything outside and in-between. I have scoured the earth for a razor that does the things that I want it to, and let me tell you- this is it. …

Gentlefolk, if you happen to find yourself in need of shaving an area that has tight spaces and crevices, that has thicker hair than other areas, or where you absolutely positively want to avoid irritation at all costs, this should be your weapon of choice.

It gently swipes away hair in a single pass… The twig leaves the area healthy, tidy, even, and clean-looking, and truly, that's the absolute best you can ask.

So, if you too find yourself needing to perform deft actions on certain areas (people, if you know, then you know) treat yourself- get the Twig.

The single-blade Twig razor is great on its own or bundled with The Leaf razor in both the Razor Set or The Duo Kit for the ultimate plastic-free shave tool setup. 


See The Twig in Action

 “Sustainable Shaving with a very cool razor a YouTube video By Fashionable Father is the video we chose to highlight this month. Timothy Sands takes us through the experience of shaving his face with The Twig razor showing the unboxing, his impression of the design, feel of the razor, and of course thoughts on the shave. 


Press Feature of the Month

Departures included us in their selection of “personal care products that will help keep your home plastic-free” - read what they had to say about Leaf Shave and see what else is on the list in the article Waste Not, Want Not.  


What is growing in The Greenhouse?

Is there a cheaper alternative to Leaf Shave?” was posted by our co-founder Adam on The Greenhouse. He explains the differences between The Leaf razor and traditional safety razors and how The Leaf offers an improved design and construction (not found with any other metal razor) to give you the best shave.

At The Greenhouse, you’ll find more blogs from our team including gift ideas, shaving journeys, and The Razor Study


What's coming next?

We are so excited about the Dermaplaner launch coming soon! Stay updated and watch videos about the Dermaplaner on our Instagram and Tik Tok. And, be sure to add your name to the Dermaplaner waitlist sign-up. 

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