Blade Disposer

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While our blades are nothing more than pure steel, sharpened, coated and ready to shave for you. Our Blade Disposer is that rational friend you like hanging out with because they keep you grounded... if that friend stored, and then disposed, your blades. Oh, and don't forget to check if your local waste disposal system will recycle them (some will!).


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  • Fun to shave

    Antoine van Duivenvoorde

    Finally a razor which you can use tos shave perfectly without irritation. I use it with to blades and it is perfect. Only thing I miss is a precision trimmer for use next to the ears and below the nose. Also a travel etui would be a nice extra

  • Nice razor, shaves more like a cartridge razor than a DE

    Roy Fewster (verified owner)

    It’s always difficult to know what to do with your used blades, well this solves it. Just put them in the slot in the top and that’s it.

  • New twist to wet shaving

    Lisa (verified owner)

    Leaf Blade Disposer

  • Innovative Shaver

    Daryl Gorman (verified owner)

    Having bought blade bins in the past before, I was happily surprised this one could be opened!!! Unlike the others I had bought… Great Job!

  • Awesome!

    John Meinhardt (verified owner)

    Please consider modification of the handle for a better grip.