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 Do you have questions about how to use your new Leaf Razor? We have dozens of help articles (FAQ) here: https://leafshave.helpscoutdocs.com/

We answer questions like "How do I load blades?" and "How do I care for my razor?"


Hi, we're Adam and Adam. We started Leaf Shave for the same reasons you're here checking it out right now. We set out to design something entirely new in an industry that keeps churning out the same old plastic razors with over-priced cartridges.

We can't accurately describe to you the feeling we have when we crack a new blade and load up our Leaf... knowing that we're not paying $20 for a 4-pack of Big Shave co. cartridges. Frankly, we just love the experience of creating something that everyone could benefit from.

If you have any questions about our razor, or our approach, we're here to answer.



We see opportunity after opportunity in crafting a more sustainable, economic and personal experience. Our solution is a back-to-basics approach to shaving with a modern twist. Our goal is not to build the next Gillette or Schick, or even Dollar Shave Club. Our goal is to make their razors obsolete because everyone who needs to shave is shaving with Leaf, and has no more need for cheap, wasteful, disposables.



We're just getting started at Leaf. This is the seed of a whole new category in personal grooming. The Leaf brand represents the ideals of a new generation of products that place our users and the world we live in first. We measure every decision we make against this ethos as we design the best shaving experience for you that we can.


We promise to stay hungry, to learn from you all. You unique, nuanced, clean-shaven (and bearded!) smooth (and hairy!) individuals you.