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The Essentials

(347 reviews)
Black Silver Mercury Chrome
The Leaf razor
20 blades // 40 edges

The 1, 2, 3 essentials for a perfect shave.

The Leaf Razor and 40 blade edges. Could there be a finer system to get your new life—or maybe just a fresh morning shave—in motion? The Leaf Essential Kit is just that: the essentials. Choose from four beautiful Leaf Razor finishes and let sweet simplicity lead the way.

When you’re ready to display your Leaf and perfect your blade disposal game, the Solid Metal Stand and Blade Disposer are here for you.

Customer Reviews

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  • Wonderful


    Love everything about this razor! Gives the best shave I’ve ever gotten and leaves my skin much less irritated/bumpy than any other razor i’ve tried. I went straight in with with three blades and had no problem shaving my entire body, no cuts whatsoever. Honestly so easy to use, the pivoting head makes it safe so you don’t have to be too careful really. I also love how it doesn’t get clogged with her, easy to keep clean. Would definitely recommend, the only razor I’ll even need again.

  • Beautifully crafted, easy to use, great performance!

    Tomer Derhi (verified owner)

    I love this razor! It is absolutely worth purchasing and in the long run, it pays for itself!! It has a very similar feel to a good disposable cartridge razor. There is definitely a bit of a learning curve to it though. I’m guessing that it has something to do with that it uses traditional double edge safety razor blades. That being said, I wouldnt say it gives a very smooth shave but a very close to smooth shave. It seems that even though the blades themselves are angled like the blades on a disposable cartridge razor are angled, the angle of the sharp edge on the DE saftey blade in general may be a little off… not sure, but I support this product and I’m sure with time adjustments will be made to improve the leave shaving experience… Still, I love this razor because it give me the best of both worlds. Yes, I cut myself using the leaf a few times, but I’ve only had the pleasure of using it once so far, so I’m still learning how to use it, and I’m positive I will get the hang of it over time. Plus, I cut myself way less with the leaf razor vs when using a traditional saftey razor, which is a HUGE plus for me. The idea here is to “stop renting my shave” and now I really do feel like “I own my shave”. Also in my opinion, the shave is as good as the blades you decide to use. Leaf DE blades are really great, but not as aggressive as other brands that I personally like to use because of my very coarse hair. The bottom line is that I truly LOVE and support what Leafshave is doing! Reinventing the way we shave! Making it affordable for everyone! And keeping our planet in better shape by reducing our waste! Im sure over time the shave will only get better!

  • Love, love, love!


    I love, love love my new razor! Finally, there’s a perfect product for those of us transitioning from cartridges! The pivoting head makes it so easy to shave as I normally did with my old razor.

    With a normal safety razor, I’d have to worry about holding it at the right angles. That’s a bit more tricky for women who shave over and behind the knees. With this razor, there was literally no learning curve. They have videos on how to load the razors, but it’s a simple design (so not even necessary).

    I got the chrome, but will be ordering a rose gold backup when they’re back in stock. Also, I found that moving from a 3-blade cartridge razor with fine hair, 2 blades is plenty. 3 is okay, but maybe overkill. I have also noticed less irritation and my legs are smoother longer by using a superior product.

    The only things I wish they did differently would be hanging up with a cartridge style razor recycle program, and having a travel version (detachable handle maybe?).

    Otherwise, I’ve been ranting about this razor. It’s a beautiful design, easy to use, and it came with 20 double edge razors (which I didn’t even know when I ordered). I’ll definitely be recommending this to friends and family.

  • Brilliant Product


    This is a genius idea that was actually executed well and works incredibly. Very impressed and happy with this purchase. So easy to use and no cuts or burn.

  • Very Well Done, Leaf Razor People.


    Longtime cartridge user here. Got a Leaf for Christmas and have used it three times so far. Really excellent shaving experience. There are changes to my previous shaving routes (especially under the nose) but nothing that isn’t easily adapted to. The spring pressure is perfect for keeping all three blades down and at the correct cutting angle. Feels nice in the hand, with the heft of a quality instrument. If your hand is wet and soapy it will slip a little, so rinse your paw. Loading is simple. The blades it comes with are good quality, but I can’t wait to put some Feathers in this baby. All said, this was well worth the purchase price.
    Excelsior, Leaf Razor People.