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The Essentials

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Black Silver Mercury Chrome Gold
The Leaf razor
20 blades // 40 edges

The 1, 2, 3 essentials for a perfect shave.

The Leaf Razor and 40 blade edges. Could there be a finer system to get your new life—or maybe just a fresh morning shave—in motion? The Leaf Essential Kit is just that: the essentials. Choose from four beautiful Leaf Razor finishes and let sweet simplicity lead the way.

When you’re ready to display your Leaf and perfect your blade disposal game, the Solid Metal Stand and Blade Disposer are here for you.

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  • Skeptical and pensive for no reason!

    Darius Anania (verified owner)

    My beard is so thick and I shave my head, too. A safety razor, at least the conventional design, was too dangerous to use on my head. I didn’t want to continue with disposables and I was skeptical of the Leaf shaver. I took the plunge because of the 30 day money back guarantee. I watched how to videos and followed all the basics like using warm water and pre/post shave products. I started slow but I learned quickly that it handled almost like my disposable one and I sped up a bit. The shave was smooth and my beard did not stand a chance. I shaved my head with it too and it worked perfectly. If you want to reduce your landfill inputs, get a great shave, and save some money in the long run, use this shaving system. I am so happy. Thanks for a great product, Leaf! I hope it lasts my whole life.

  • You’ll be EXCITED to shave!


    The best investment you’ll make!!!! There’s basically zero learning curve from the typical women’s razors. It’s so easy to load the blades in, and as long as your hand isn’t soapy there’s no issue with gripping the razor in the shower with wet hands. I’ve only used 2 blades in mine so far, it’s given such a clean shave, I actually look forward to shaving with Leaf’s razor. I would recommend for anyone who wants to make the switch to a more sustainable and better shaving option!!! Do it!

  • Not great shave, but worth it for sustainability factor

    Megan (verified owner)

    Blades easy to change out, sustainable, customizable (though I don’t know how anyone could get a decent shave using less than all 3 blades), no knicks and not worried about cutting myself with it, no moisture strip containing who-knows-what, easy to clean – just use toothbrush and soap.

    I’ve used it a few times with all 3 blades and the shave kind of sucks compared to the wasteful plastic razor I was switching from. I almost think that it would be better if the top blade were further up the razor head.

    I followed another reviewers advice and used a hair tie on the handle to keep it from slipping, and it does the trick.

    I plan on continuing to use it since there’s nothing else out there like it, but I do wish it gave me a closer shave.

  • Great Razor and Shave

    Chris (verified owner)

    I tried a traditional safety razor but didn’t like it because a seemingly insignificant movement while shaving would result in a nick. However, I liked the idea of using inexpensive double-edged blades and avoiding the expensive, plastic cartridges. This razor is the best of both worlds! I tried it for the first time and found there was no learning curve involved. I shaved in exactly the same manner as I shaved with my old cartridge razor and got a close shave with no nicks. The razor also has a nice look and weight to it. I only wish they made a travel case for it.

  • Don't be afraid

    Erin Bulleit

    I was so wary of this razor and deliberated for months before trying it. I was worried that the combination of metal and safety razors would be unforgiving and I would maim myself (I was switching from a plastic handle with the kind of disposable women’s razors that are surrounded by soap/cream). Let me just say, not only were there ZERO cuts or bleeding, but it went quickly and efficiently and honestly was better than the shave I was switching from anyway. I used all 3 blades. The spring and flex of the head is responsive. WORTH IT. Only negative is if you have slippery shave soap on your hands the metal handle is a little slippery too- be careful. Once again though, despite that, I had ZERO scrapes . Highly recommend. It also looks beautiful.