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The Essentials

(668 reviews)
Black Silver Chrome Gold
The Leaf razor
20 blades // 40 edges

The 1, 2, 3 essentials for a perfect shave.

The Leaf Razor and 40 blade edges. Could there be a finer system to get your new life—or maybe just a fresh morning shave—in motion? The Leaf Essential Kit is just that: the essentials. Choose from four beautiful Leaf Razor finishes and let sweet simplicity lead the way.

When you’re ready to display your Leaf and perfect your blade disposal game, the Solid Metal Stand and Blade Disposer are here for you.

Customer Reviews

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4.19% (28)
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  • Great razor! Great customer service! Small critique!

    Emma (verified owner)

    Way easier to use than your classic safety razor! I love that it is zero waste, feels great in your hand, and costs virtually nothing after you buy it! The customer service for this company was A-MAZE-ING. Whichever Adam I talked to was so kind and helped me out. One thing I will suggest is that they make the head 1-2 mm wider at the top so the back of the upper razor blade doesn’t stick out and scratch a bit. Other than that, you guys rock!!! Highly recommend.

  • I should have bought one long ago


    Where do I even begin? I’m a zero-waste girl with lots of nicks and cuts around her ankles and armpits from the last 6 months of shaving with a basic safety razor from that online retail giant that shall not be named. THEN. I found Leaf. And I’m so sad that I waited a month of admiring ads to finally pull the trigger. I should have bought it months ago. I owe it to myself, to my ankles, my knees, my pits. It’s the best purchase I’ve made in years. It’s the smoothest shave of my life, no joke. I seriously can not recommend it enough. The cost per use, the zero-waste, the smooth finish, the GOLD STAND that makes it look like a million bucks. I am in love.

  • Wowza!!!

    Marcia P. (verified owner)

    I went back to the website 5 or 6 times, before pulling the trigger. All the great reviews convinced me to take the leap. I’ve spent thousands over the course of my shaving life, just trying each new fangled product. Women’s razors work great a couple times, then the get hunker up with their own slimy “skin Protectants” so what I’m paying extra for, is ruining my razor quickly.. Go figure! Now with the Leaf!! 1) beautiful product and craftsmanship. I got gold (my fav) so impressed with the flexibility and features. 2) easy to load (I was a little intimidated tbh) it was so easy. I didn’t have to rewatch the video or read the instructions.
    I’m so happy with this purchase. I think there’s a few folks that will get beautiful Christmas gifts this year. (May be a little cheesy ) but really feel like some folks won’t make the investment for themselves. But the payoff is awesome. So much cheaper in the long run. You do the math!

  • Awesome shave but slippery in the shower

    Amber (verified owner)

    Overall one of the best razors and shaves ever -super close, smooth, no rashes or razor burn – but it is SUPER slippery when wet – especially if any soap or shaving cream gets on it.

  • Incredible

    Natalie (verified owner)

    I switched from a straight razor to Leaf Shave and could not be happier with my choice. Close shave, no cuts! Easy to replace blades, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s not an eye sore on the bathroom counter. Highly recommend!!! 5 stars.