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Starter Bundle

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Black Silver Mercury Chrome Gold
The Leaf razor
Solid metal stand
50 blades // 100 edges
Blade disposer tin

Your all-in one
shaving system.

The Leaf Razor system was designed for sustainable beauty, unmistakable quality and an experience that will change the way you shave for good. The Leaf Executive Kit contains all the tools you need to use, store, display and maintain your shaving ritual, including The Leaf Razor, Solid Metal Stand, 50 blades (100 edges), and The Blade Disposer—a tin that can hold hundreds of used blades safely until you’re ready to recycle or discard.

Best yet, your pack of 50 blades is equivalent to between 40 and 50 disposable cartridges. That’s a win for everybody.

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  • easy, effective, and sustainable

    Bianca Masiello

    This razor is the best! I was looking to dramatically reduce my plastic waste this year, but wasn’t willing to settle on inferior products. It’s beautiful, easy to use, and it functions perfectly. I was able to shave my entire body with ease on one set of blades, which was almost impossible for most other razors. Thank you for this amazing product! I’m telling everyone about it!

  • Gorgeous razor on many levels

    Valerie R (verified owner)

    Thoroughly impressed. I could stop and be satisfied at zero-waste, eco friendly, but why would I. Truth be told I was way intimidated by a razor that required the user to place the blades. Thank goodness for instructional videos. Turned out to really be no biggie. I love that it can be 1-3 blades and is in the format of a disposable razor (gradually stacked blades) and not that single edged safety razor…so many eco friendly razors are. I love this razor because in addition to all that, I love that the sensitivity levels can be changed depending on where you place the blades. I can get as close as I want. Zero nicks/irritation, super smooth skin, super easy to use. The chrome finish is way sexy, the weight is really substantial and nicely balanced. The one and only down side to this razor is that it can get slippery when my hands are covered in shaving soap. Not the end of the world, totally able to work around that. But it’s the only reason I didnt give this a perfect 5 stars. I absolutely love this razor and am raving about it everywhere. Makes me actually look forward to shaving (which has never happened in my life)


    Shahad Hamwi

    honestly i regret not making this investment a long long long time ago, leaf shave has been on my wish list for about 2 years now, and every time i wanted to buy it i would convince myself otherwise whether it was the price or being scared of the blades … BUT WOW i’ve never felt smoother.

  • Love it!

    Annie (verified owner)

    I’ve just used my razor for the first time, and it’s wonderful! I’m so happy to have found a razor that will eliminate the need to be endlessly purchasing plastic cartridges.

    Yes, it’s more expensive up-front than the plastic razors and their cartridges, but it’s much cheaper over the long run without adding unnecessary plastic to landfills.

    I was paying $18.00 for 8 plastic cartridges. Leaf blades cost $14 for 50 blades/100 edges. Even if I used three edges to mirror the three edges in my old cartridges, it’s less than $0.50 versus $2.25 per cartridge. In one 50 blade box, I’ll save nearly $60. After the second Leaf blade box, I’ll be well ahead. It’s brilliant.

    Also, happily, neither my razor nor the stand had stickers on them so I didn’t have to try to pry stickers off. That would have been frustrating.

    Thanks for a great razor!

  • Amazing!

    Casey Rose (verified owner)

    Worth every penny! The best Shave ever!