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Starter Bundle

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Black Silver Mercury Chrome Gold
The Leaf razor
Solid metal stand
50 blades // 100 edges
Blade disposer tin

Your all-in one
shaving system.

The Leaf Razor system was designed for sustainable beauty, unmistakable quality and an experience that will change the way you shave for good. The Leaf Executive Kit contains all the tools you need to use, store, display and maintain your shaving ritual, including The Leaf Razor, Solid Metal Stand, 50 blades (100 edges), and The Blade Disposer—a tin that can hold hundreds of used blades safely until you’re ready to recycle or discard.

Best yet, your pack of 50 blades is equivalent to between 40 and 50 disposable cartridges. That’s a win for everybody.

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  • Great Shave

    Mathilde (verified owner)

    Really really good shave and easy to use. Easy to change the blades too. I really prefer that razor to a plastic one that will break soon and need to change the blades more often. Really happy!

  • Hard to tell at the moment...

    Sierra Barnett

    Hard to tell as I’ve only had the razor for a month or so and my intention is to utilize this equipment for years to come. So far so good, but if it doesn’t make it through the year, I will be leaving a different kind of review.

    It’s an expensive piece of machinery and I expect to get my money’s worth. I am taking steps to improve my carbon footprint and this is the most expensive step I’ve taken. My fiance and I are sharing the cost and the razor. I enjoy the weight of the razor and steel blades. It is quite precarious to use in the shower as the handle is so smooth. I fear to drop it. However, my legs and other nethers are smooth and the cost efficiency works out. 🙂

  • The best razor ever!


    It’s the best razor ever! Beautifully made, with three blades, sharp yet safe. And it’s good for environment since it’s reusable and no plastic! I love it!

  • The razor you need

    Danica (verified owner)

    I’d been looking for an all metal razor for ages when Leaf popped up on Instagram, and their branding totally lured me in. As a fairly reckless shaver, I was a little hesitant to make the switch to such a serious tool, but I’m happy to report that after 5 months I have yet to cut myself (even in those more *ahem* delicate areas). It’s a beautiful object in its own right with a really nice heftiness that feels great in your hand. Looking forward to having this thing forever, and to using their new blade recycling program!

  • The best for head shaving

    Sylvain Duford

    I use my Leaf for head shaving and it is by far the best razor for the job. Baby smooth dome in two quick passes without irritation or fear of cutting myself.
    Expectations exceeded!