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Starter Bundle

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Silver Chrome Gold
The Leaf razor
Solid metal stand
50 blades // 100 edges
Blade disposer tin

Your all-in one
shaving system.

The Leaf Razor system was designed for sustainable beauty, unmistakable quality and an experience that will change the way you shave for good. The Leaf Executive Kit contains all the tools you need to use, store, display and maintain your shaving ritual, including The Leaf Razor, Solid Metal Stand, 50 blades (100 edges), and The Blade Disposer—a tin that can hold hundreds of used blades safely until you’re ready to recycle or discard. Note: most municipalities aren't equipped to handle safety razor blades so don't recycle curbside. Instead, you can send a full tin back to Leaf to recycle for you.

Best yet, your pack of 50 blades is equivalent to between 40 and 50 disposable cartridges. That’s a win for everybody.

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  • Sharp!

    Sam (verified owner)

    The construction of this razor is AMAZING. It feels durable and super high quality. My legs are so smooth! Minus one star because my razor came with a weird chipped spot on the head— doesn’t affect the high quality shave… but it catches my eyes every time I look at it lol

  • I AM IN LOVE!!!!!!!!

    Lindsey Stephens (verified owner)

    Please buy this. PLEASE!!! I just opened this, loaded my blades, and dry shaved my arm as a test. Smooth good and a smoother arm. I am so glad I purchased this!! Also, no more throwing away plastic razors and razor cartridges.

  • Litty af

    Megan (verified owner)

    I can honestly say this is the best razor. I got it in the mail only a few days ago and decided I’d give it a shot. This is the closest and most smooth shave I’ve ever had and you don’t need an intense pressure like with a plastic razor. The bundle pack was worth the extra money. 10/10 recommend fam

  • Not Even a Little Compromise

    Olivia A.

    If you think for a second that getting a Leaf razor is a compromise for the sake of creating less waste, think again. The Leaf razor is to your old razor as a real banana is to a banana laffy taffy. The Leaf razor is superior in every aspect to my old plastic razor. The quality of shave is the best ever. It took the first few swipes to get used to the weight and pressure, and while I’m still cautious while using it, it really feels effortless.

  • Closest, Smoothest Shave of my Life


    I was nervous about loading the razors but it’s so simple and easy – takes about 5 seconds. The shave is what blew my mind – the effortless, smooth shave. This razor glides over your skin, it’s unlike any razor I’ve used before. The pivoting head really hugs the curvy tough to reach bits for a close shave, and I had no problem with the grip at all.
    I’ve told everyone I know to buy this product. Best part is, you’re getting the best shave ever and it’s a zero waste product!