Leaf Stand, Honey

We were cleaning up and found *only* 45 Honey Stands, what a treasure! If you recall, the Honey finish was a super cool "oops" we didn't mean to make it and don't think we ever will accidentally stumble on it again. So we're making the last bit'o'honey available only to you while supplies last. If you think you'll want a matching stand, don't sleep on these.


The Leaf Stand is a solid piece of zinc finished to match your razor. You'll find a drainage hole for water and rubber footing to keep it in place on your countertop. The Leaf Razor is a work of art as much as a tool for personal care, and so it deserves to be displayed. You can fit the razor in facing forward or backward in this beautiful stand.
What's Included
• The Leaf Stand, Honey (fits a Leaf razor) (1x)

• 🌍 Plastic-Free Packaging
• 🌍 Carbon Neutral (we offset our footprint 100%)

Kits and Accessories

Found in these kits: 2 Available

The Leaf Kit

Includes The Leaf razor and stand, 50-Blade Pack, and Recycling Tin.

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The Duo Kit

Includes both of our award-winning razors, The Leaf and The Twig, matching stands, a 50-Blade Pack and Recycling Tin.

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Leaf Case

$25 • Neutral-case

Leaf Case

50-Blade Pack


A photo of a box of 50 Single Edge Blades with Leaf Shave Branding. The box sits on a white bathtub with a few loose razor blades sitting in front of the box.

Blade Recycling Tin


Blade Recycling Tin

Shave Soap Bar


A photo of the shave soap bar sitting upright in front of the shave soap box with a plain white background. The front of the shave soap box reads “Unscented Shave Soap” along with the Leaf Logo.

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