Leaf Razor Stand

$ 14.00

 Stand up tall and proud.

Yeah, we went there. Our stance on things is simple: "Keep your stands simple." Your razor will fit facing forward or backward in the Leaf Razor Stand. I don't know about you but I've never had a razor that I was proud of having out in my bathroom. Well... you're welcome. Because now you do. Space is a premium, though, and not everyone can just have razors lounging around. So like those crazy vibration devices checking your posture when you're hunched over a computer, this stand will keep your razor straight and tall.

Made from: 
 All metal (with a rubber foot)

Weighted for stability
Drainage hole out the bottom
Rubber foot keeps it in place and protects your surfaces
Fits any Leaf Razor facing both forward, AND backward

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Impressive, Thoughtful Industrial Design

The Leaf razor and accessories demonstrate extremely impressive and thoughtful industrial design. I would highly recommend this razor and the company behind it. I was also very happy with the exceptional customer service, support, etc.!

Leaf Razor

Beats all cartridge razors for sure. Smooth and gentle shave but also very effective. The matte silver finish is really nice too.



Best shave ever

The only thing that I have to say, aside for the fact that buying safety razors really saves me a bunch especially since Leaf sent me practically a year's worth, is that my shaving doesn't feel like shaving. Course hair such as mine always tugs at my skin as I shave but I feel none of that. The result , as promised, speaks for itself as it gives me a nice clean shave every time.


Wonderful razor, wish someone would have thought of this years ago. Saves me money compared to expensive cartridges. I feel that this razor gives a better shave than any other product I’ve tried. I’ve been shaving for about 25 years, and shaving my head for the last 20... so I’ve used a lot of different products. I just might have to pick up the other two finishes, high quality product! Thanks