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Solid Metal Stand

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Black Silver Mercury Chrome Gold

We built the Leaf Razor for timeless beauty. Display it proudly for easy access, right in its hard-earned spot on your countertop. Molded from a solid piece of cast zinc with the same beautiful finish as your Leaf, it’s the perfect companion to the perfect razor.


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  • Pleasantly Surprised


    I have to say, I’ve tried many non-cartridge razor options and was always disappointed…until now. This is HANDS DOWN the best shave ever. AND it’s super sustainable. AND customizable. AND beautiful. What more can you say. Thanks for making such a quality product!

  • Great shave


    I have really sensitive skin and this works wonders normally I use a safety razor to shave because it doesn’t irritate your skin as much. The downside to using a razor is that you’re more likely to get nicked. With this razor it gives me the baby soft shave without worrying about nicks or razor burn.

  • Closest, best shave.... ever!


    I made the switch to Leaf over a year ago. We’ve had a few hiccups with a few manufacturing errors. Hopefully, my past feedback has helped with resolving these issues. Customer service has been some of the best I have ever experienced.

    I’ve not had a closer shave with anything else. I am a head shaver, and Leaf has been very easy and comfortable to use. I will never go back to cartridge razors. Actual razor blades are sharper compared to cartridge blades, and many times cheaper. I have saved so much money by buying, roughly, a years supply of razor blades versus cartidge blades. What I throw away is very minimal compared to throwing away a razor head every week.

    I highly recommend Leaf Shave to anyone considering making the switch. It is well worth the money. Very nice razor to match the company and customer service.

  • Thanks


    The best durable stylish razor ever had for over 2yrs. Well Engineered!..