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Double-edge blades

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Our blades are made from cold-forged steel, hardened and sharpened to a luxurious cutting edge. There's a reason double-edge blades have been in use for more than a century. They simply deliver a great shaving experience, every single time.

With the Leaf Razor, each blade is as good as two. Snap them in the paper before loading them up in your Leaf/

Cut hair. Not fingers.
Snap ‘em in the paper.

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  • Moves with ease


    First time using a shaver with removable blades and I was a little scared at first but leaves my skin smooth and hair free for days. The pivoting head gives me the comfort of knowing I won’t cut myself. Gives such a closer cut than disposable razors. Love this product.

  • Absolutely phenomenal


    Throughout the past 6 months, I have been converting most products in my life to zero waste or more sustainable options. I purchased this razor in December and I couldn’t be more impressed. I have not cut myself a single time, and it smooths over my curves so nicely. I was most impressed by it’s work around my lady parts. It was the best shave I’ve ever gotten down there!! Thank you Leaf! You’ve got a new life long customer. 🙂

  • Great razor


    I love the razor. Feels nice and sturdy while holding it. It gives a smooth and close shave. I just wished that the head of the razor didn’t roll back so far! This has led to some nicks due to an awkward holding position. Hopefully I’ll get use to it.

  • 6 month use

    Lisa (verified owner)

    Leaf Blade Pack

  • Amazing

    William Baldwin (verified owner)

    I love my razor and the blades it uses. One of the best shaving experiences I’ve ever had. That’s through a shaving life of over 30 years. Keep up the good work, guys!!