You're ready to love the bald look

We've heard it all, the worry, the fear, the challenges of acceptance. Let us be clear: The person you are, and the people you attract in your life, have nothing to do with the hair on your head. We want you to embrace your look whether you grow out your head hair or shave it bald, or anything in between.


of men will show signs of hair loss by age 35

You're Not Alone

By age 35 nearly two-thirds of men in the US will have some degree of hair loss. Everyone approaches this differently. Whether you embrace your look, or embrace the shave, remember that you're not alone.

"This razor is awesome! I went from having to shave my head once a week to wanting to shave my head twice a week! Took me a few uses to get used to it because it is not like a Gi**ette razor, it's better and sharper for longer. This will save me a ton of money over the years because my old razors only lasted 2 head shaves then had to be replaced. Couldn't be happier with my purchase." - Hunter, May 2023

Become the Bald Eagle

How Leaf Razor Helps Head Shavers

Adam, co-founders of Leaf Shave, is an avid head shaver. He knew these things would be important in a world-class head shaving razor.

  • A CLOSE, SMOOTH RESULT. Nothing is worse than struggling to get a close shave, running a razor over and over your skin again. That leads to irritation, lengthy shaves, and nicks and cuts. The Leaf Razor is tuned to easily deliver a smooth-to-the-touch finish, every time.

  • ADJUSTABLE, WE'RE ALL DIFFERENT. Everyone's head, hair and skin tolerates razors differently. That's why The Leaf Razor is built to be adjustable by virtue of loading the steel blades individually. For the closest shave: load all three blades. For a milder shave: leave the bottom spot empty.

  • WORRY-FREE PLASTIC-FREE. Adam tried to make traditional double-edge safety razors work for his head shave and simply couldn't. Maintaining the correct angles on a constantly curving surface with minimal visibility was too time consuming and too dangerous. The Leaf Razor delivers blades to your skin at a safer angle and the pivoting head automatically keeps the blades in contact at all times. Even when working quickly on areas you can't see.

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