Welcome to your Leaf Razor

If you've landed here you are likely a customer of ours and are looking for some additional help or guidance getting started with your razor. 

Please bear with us as we populate this page with useful instructional videos; and as we get all of our Q&A's up on our helpdesk site.

You can reach our helpdesk which has searchable articles answering some common questions here:

Leaf Shave Helpdesk (external site)

If you have any suggestions for helpful videos, or if you have any questions about your order or your razor please send us an email: hello@leafshave.com we are very responsive!


Snapping your DE blades into half

This may seem daunting at first; but it is really a quite simple process. Simple hold the blade while still in it's packaging wrap between your thumbs and forefingers and bend it until it snaps at the edges. 

Check out this video showing how to do it:



Shaving with your Leaf Razor

Check out this video showing Leaf in action. It's worth noting how you adjust the angle of shaving when reaching under the nose with your Leaf - we find coming in from the side for the very last parts underneath the nose to work well.