Leaf Starter Kit

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We are coming out of back order and making Rose Gold and Silver razors available for order. Expected ship date: February 8th. 


It turns out the better way to shave, is with a razor you build yourself. The Leaf Razor eliminates wasteful disposable plastic cartridges and packaging. In exchange, you get a beautiful tool for shaving without over-paying for blades each month. 

Leaf Razor is a multi-blade, pivoting head, modern shaver with the classic old-school twist of double-edge blades. Each razor starter-kit ships with 100 blade edges, which is an incredible return on your investment out of the gate.

No more monthly shave clubs, no more paying for over-priced Big Shave cartridges. Just a great looking razor and a better shave.


  • One all-metal Leaf Razor (in 4 finishes: Chrome, Obsidian, Rose Gold, Silver)
  • Accepts 1, 2 or 3 blades
  • Pivoting head for comfort and ease of shave
  • Magnetic assist helps with loading blades
  • One beta-Twig razor for precision trimmer (if you do not wish to receive the Twig just let us know in your order notes, beta-Twig is produced out of polycarbonate plastic)
  • One all-metal Razor Stand in matching finish
  • One Blade Disposer tin for disposal of used blades
  • One 50x DE Blade Pack (50 Double-Edge blades = 100 edges for your Leaf)



Rose Gold and Silver razors: Expected ship date is February 8th.

Chrome and Obsidian razors: Shipping normally after purchase.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS IMPORTANT NOTE: International customers are responsible for any import VAT due upon receipt in order to clear the order through customs. Any additional collections like this will be collected by your local postal services after our carrier (USPS) hands off to them for customs clearance and final delivery.

If you have any questions, please email us at hello@leafshave.com

Leaf Razor turns classic blades into a modern shave.

The Leaf Razor is unlike anything else. We let you load 1, 2 or 3 blades individually. This allows you to customize the razor to fit your skin and hair.

Your Leaf dramaticaly reduces the waste from disposable plastics and packaging commonly found in other razor cartridges. The blades are safe and easy to handle, and give an amazing shave. You can't beat the timeless quality of a blade that has been in use for over a century.

Leaf Razor cuts through hair without tugging or pulling

The whole head of the razor has been designed with water-flow in mind. Your Leaf Razor will mow down hair of almost any length without the typical tugging / pulling of cartridge blades because of the distance we've placed between each cutting edge.

As you can see, loading is simple. Mating features are built into each of the blade dividers and the sides of the blades. We've even included magnets to hold the blades tight for easy loading. Once you've tried this, you'll never want to return to your old razor.

Customer Reviews

Based on 104 reviews
Great after a learning curve

Love the razor. Lost a fair amount of blood at first but once I figured out how to handle the extra weight, all is good. It’s a heavy razor and the grip can be fairly slippery so having a towel to dry the handle and your fingers is a must.


Perfect shave.

Gold Star Winner

The Leaf is truly a "Gold Star" winner. It shaves me closely, and with comfort. I usually use a blade in all three slots, however I can get almost as good by using only two. Ron I

One Smooth Shaver

The perfect blend of double edge blades with maneuverability of a modern day cartridge razor. The the design, allowing for numerous blade configurations, is flawless and will accommodate nearly any beard with a smooth, irritation-free shave!

Awesome shave

I've been using the Leaf Razor for 5 months now. I was a little hesitant as I only shave my head. It took a couple of shaves to get used to the feel of the razor but man does it shave well. And the blades last forever. I used to have to throw the disposables away after 5 or 6 shaves but this lasted 15 shaves. So glad I bbn purchased this razor.