Single Edge Shaving

Our single-edge models provide the benefits of a single blade shave (precision, extra gentle for sensitive skin); and at half the size of any standard safety razor are especially loved for shaving smaller areas like faces.

Single Edge Shaving

The Twig Razor Collection Image

The Twig Razor


The universally loved single-edge sensitive skin razor.


The Twig Kit Collection Image

The Twig Kit

$85  $91

The Twig razor starter kit.
Twig Super Bundle Collection Image

Twig Super Bundle


Our favorite sensitive-skin bundle, featuring the single-edge Twig.
The Thorn Razor Collection Image

The Thorn Razor


Loved by face shavers, feared by coarse hair.
The Thorn Kit Collection Image

The Thorn Kit

$99  $116

The perfect Thorn razor starter kit.
The Twig / Thorn Stand Collection Image

The Twig / Thorn Stand


Fits both The Twig and The Thorn razors.
Rose Gold


Twig Travel Case Collection Image

Twig Travel Case


Compatible with both The Twig and Thorn razors.


50-Blade Pack Collection Image

50-Blade Pack


Single-edge blades, fits all our razors.
Shave Soap Bar Collection Image

Shave Soap Bar


A vegan, unscented, uncolored shave soap.
Blade Recycling Tin Collection Image

Blade Recycling Tin


Store used blades, recycle when full.