Twig Super Bundle

The Twig razor Super Bundle is one of the best values when getting started with Leaf Shave. Think of it like a Twig Kit that's all hyped about hitting the road and lathering up. If purchased individually, these items would cost $119 together 💚

The Twig Razor


Special Edition


Lifetime Warranty • 30-Day Returns • Free US Shipping (over $25)

This is truly the ultimate bundle for The Twig razor. You'll have the best single-blade single edge safety razor in hand. Shave confidently anywhere, and enjoy our all-new Special Edition finish (Berryblue).

This bundle has all of the accessories you'd ever want to go with your Twig razor.
What's Included
• The Twig razor (1x)
• The Twig stand (1x)
• The Twig Travel Case (1x)
• Shave Soap Bar (1x)
• 50-Single Edge Blade pack (1x)
• Blade Recycling Tin (1x)

• 🌍 Plastic-Free Packaging
• 🌍 Carbon Neutral (we offset our footprint 100%)

Kits and Accessories

3 Available

50-Blade Pack


A photo of a box of 50 Single Edge Blades with Leaf Shave Branding. The box sits on a white bathtub with a few loose razor blades sitting in front of the box.

Shave Soap Bar


A photo of the shave soap bar sitting upright in front of the shave soap box with a plain white background. The front of the shave soap box reads “Unscented Shave Soap” along with the Leaf Logo.

The Leaf Razor

$84 • Gold

The Leaf Razor

Upgrade your shave  without a worry.

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  • 30-Day Guarantee

    to be sure you love it.

  • Lifetime Warranty

    on the last razor you’ll ever buy.

The Twig single-edge razor

Engineered to elevate your shave.

We obsessively engineer the best razors on, and for Earth. Everything about this stunning razor is designed to bring precision single-blade shaving into the 21st century for any body, shaving anywhere.

A single-edge for the minimalist at heart.

Magnetic Blade Loading™, easily handle blades.

Use any blade, because we’re not jerks.

Intuitive twist-to-open design.

All-metal razor, built to last.

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