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Dermaplaner Sale price$39.00
Dermaplaner CoverDermaplaner Cover
Dermaplaner Cover Sale price$9.00
Shower HolderShower Holder
Shower Holder Sale price$19.00
Calming SerumAn infographic of Key Ingredients in Leaf Shave brand Calming Serum: 1) Tea Tree soothes skin, relieving redness and irritation; 2) Grapeseed reduces irritation, softening skin and increasing elasticity; 3) Meadowfoam locks in moisture while balancing out natural oil production. It features images of the plants associated with those three ingredients.
Calming Serum Sale priceFrom $23.00
Glass bottle with wooden cap and rubber dropper, standing in front of it's packaging box on a white background.Infographic with three key ingredients: Jojoba, rose hip and vitamin E.
Shave Oil Sale priceFrom $17.00
Silver case, open, with green silicone insert and a gold razor laying inside it.Silver metal case, closed.
Leaf Case Sale price$25.00
Silver case for the single-edge razors, open with a chrome razor laying inside, on a white background.Silver case for the single-edge razors, closed, on a white background.
Single Edge Case Sale price$25.00
Shave Soap BarShave Soap Bar
Shave Soap Bar Sale price$9.00
Dermaplaner Refillsdermaplaner refill box of 10 blades and 10 blade guards held open in one hand
Dermaplaner Refills Sale priceFrom $9.00
A photo of a rectangular gift card, with three models standing shoulder to shoulder whose hair has been stylized using leafs and plants. The text on the gift card reads: "Care for the places you care about," and there is a Leaf logo on the card as well."
Leaf Shave Gift Card Sale priceFrom $50.00